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Script:Roll20 Audio Master

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API ScriptAuthor: Scott C.
Version: 1.01
Last Modified: 2016-11-22
Code: Roll20-Audio-Master
Dependencies: None
Conflicts: None



I felt there needed to be a comprehensive jukebox control script. This script allows you to replicate all of the commands in the basic jukebox and then some via chat commands. The script also allows playlist functionality via script defined playlists; these have no relation to the playlists in the jukebox as the API does not have access to change any of the folder structure (which unfortunately includes playlists). The help document is created in game as an archived handout and can be accessed via a link output to chat if you type an invalid command or just !roll20AM into chat.

Using the Script

Basic Syntax

All Roll20AM commands use the same basic syntax. The contents of a command will change based on what you are doing, but the basic format will always look like this: !roll20AM --action,action settings, or options|track name to act on|or playlist name to act on

  • Action keywords are preceded by a space followed by a double dash " --". The action keywords are: play, stop, listCreate, listEdit, vcontrol, delayCancel, and config.
  • Action keywords and settings/options are separted by a comma. The option keywords will be described below in their associated action keyword section.
  • For most actions, the settings/options are optional.
  • Track/playlist names are always separated by a bar "|".
  • Commands can be chained together by making a second (third, fourth, etc) action group. Action groups are acted on sequentially.

Player Accessible Action Keywords

Commands are shown with all possible settings. If a setting is optional, it will be enclosed in brackets. If only one of a series of settings will be accepted, they are separated by a slash "/". The order of options does not matter as long as the action keyword begins the action group and the list of tracks ends the action group.

--play,[swap],[loop],[mode:shuffle/trueRandom/together/single],[delay:seconds]|track/list to play|track/list to play|... Plays the indicated track(s) or playlist(s). When sent by a player, only those tracks/playlists that are tagged as player accessible will be played.

  • swap - All other tracks will be stopped when the indicated tracks/lists begin playing.
  • loop - The indicated tracks will loop. When playlists are specified, only applies when the together option is indicated and then all tracks in the list will loop.
  • shuffle - No effect on individual tracks. Will cause the indicated playlists to shuffle when played.
  • trueRandom - As shuffle, but the same track may be played repeatedly.
  • together - Plays all tracks in the indicated playlist(s) at once.
  • delay:seconds - Delays the execution of the action group by this many seconds.

--stop,[soft],[ignore],[delay:seconds]|track/list to stop|track/list to stop|... Stops the indicated track(s) or playlist(s). When sent by a player, only those tracks/playlists that are tagged as player accessible will be stopped.

  • soft - Allows the indicated track(s)/playlist(s) to finish their current playthrough before stopping them.
  • ignore - Inverts the command, stopping all tracks/playlists except those listed. If no track or playlist is listed, stops all tracks/playlists (respects player restrictions).
  • delay:seconds - Delays the execution of the action group by this many seconds.

GM Only Features

--vcontrol,volume:value,[ignore],[fade/mute/unmute,[tickTime:seconds],[volTick:number],[stop]],[delay:seconds]|track to change|track to change|... Adjusts the volume of the indicated tracks. Has no effect on playlists. Players can be given access to volume control by turning access restriction off in the config menu.

  • volume - What to set the volume to. This can be a number, or an expression. Valid expressions are -X,+X,/X,and *X.
  • ignore - Inverts the command, adjusting the volume of all tracks/playlists except those listed. If no track or playlist is listed, adjusts the master volume.
  • mute/unmute - Sets the jukebox volume of the indicated track(s) to 0, but does not affect the saved track volume/restores the volume of the indicated track(s) to their saved volume.
  • fade - Allows you to adjust the volume of the indicated track(s) gradually over time. The volume is adjusted to the value passed in volume as with a normal vcontrol command. Has three optional settings.
  • tickTime - How frequently the volume should be adjusted during the fade
  • volTick - How much to adjust the volume by each tick. Will be modified on the last tick if this change would bypass the target volume.
  • stop - Stops the track(s) once they reach the target volume.
  • delay:seconds - Delays the execution of the action group by this many seconds.

--listCreate,listName:name,[access:gm/player][mode:shuffle/trueRandom/together/single]|track to add|track to add|... Creates a new script defined playlist. Note: These are different from the jukebox playlists, and have no relation to those as they are not API accessible.

  • listName - The name of the new playlist. Must be unique among playlist and track names.
  • mode:shuffle - Sets the default playlist behavior to shuffle.
  • mode:trueRandom - Sets the default playlist behavior to trueRandom
  • mode:together - Sets the default playlist behavior to together
  • mode:single - Sets the default playlist behavior to single. Will play a random single track. If no behavior is specified, will default to single.
  • access:gm/player - Sets the access for this playlist to be player accessible or gm only. Default is gm only.

--listEdit,listName:name,[add/remove],[mode:shuffle/trueRandom/single/together],[access:gm/player]|track to add|track to add|... Edits the indicated playlist.

  • add - Adds the track(s) to the playlist
  • remove - Removes the tracks from the playlist. If no tracks are specified, deletes the playlist.

--cancelDelay Cancels all delays except for the fading of volumes. There is not currently a more specific cancellation of delays.

--config,[menu:Which Menu] Brings up the chat based menu interface for the script

  • menu:Which Menu - Specifies one of the config menus to send to chat. Possibilities are:
  • playlists - Brings up the list of created playlists and their current play state and player access state and the controls to play/stop them, add more playlists, toggle player access and see the details of an individual playlist.
  • tracks - Brings up the list of all tracks and their current volume and play state and controls to change these.
  • restrict - Brings up the menu to set how the script reacts to player and API messages and what denotes a player accessible track.
  • playlist name - Providing the name of a playlist will bring up the details menu for that playlist.

--listImport,[listName:name] Imports playlists from the jukebox into the script. If the named playlist already exists, it will update that playlist with any missing tracks.

  • listName:name - Will only import or update the designated playlist.


Version 1.01

  • Fixed a crash that would result from improper action keyword usage
  • Added Playlist import/update from jukebox functionality

Version 1.0

  • Release