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API ScriptAuthor: Jens
Version: 0.2
Last Modified: 2017-03-29
Code: SR-RollExtender
Dependencies: None
Conflicts: None


Designed to be used with the Shadowrun: 5th Edition (Advanced) character sheet. Autoamticaly detect Glitches and roll Extended Tests. Type !RollEx ingame to see the help menu.

Glitch Detection is not yet configurable and will send a private message to the GM whenever a Glitch is rolled.

To roll an Extended Test type: !RollEx xx (dy sz)

xx being the number of dice to start with

Optional parameters are:

dy with y being the minimum number of dice before you want to stop
sz with z being the number of successes after which you want to stop


!RollEx 16 d5 s24

will roll an extended test until you either have a minimum of 24 successes, you have less than 5 dice remaining or you roll a critical glitch