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Script:Store Commands

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Revision as of 06:50, 2 September 2013 by Brian (Talk | contribs)

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The following script creates the API commands !delay, !store, !clearstore, !echostore, and !run.


!delay time
!store [!time] command
Parameter Values
time A time delay in milliseconds. The !delay command will set the default delay for the !store command. A delay set using the !store command will override that default, but only for that command. Using !delay will not change the delays of already stored commands. 500ms will be used if no delay is ever specified.
command A command to store for later use. This can be anything you could normally enter in chat, as well as the /direct command.

Using the commands

Use !delay to set a default delay between commands. Alternatively, the optional argument of !store can be used to set the delay for one command. If no delay is set, 500ms will be used.

Use !store to store commands to be executed later. Any command can be stored, from regular chat to whispers to API commands to the /direct command that is normally accessible only from the API.

!clearstore will clear your current store of commands. !echostore will tell you exactly what you have stored at the moment, and what the delay values are.

When you call !run all of the store commands will be used in order, with their delay between each one. Any messages to the chat will be sent as though you (the player) sent the message. The !run command does not clear your store, so you can run it again several times in a row.

Stores are not maintained between sessions, and each player has his or her own store.


var store_commands = store_commands || {};

store_commands.list = {};

on('chat:message', function(msg) {
    if(msg.type != 'api') return;
    var parts = msg.content.split(' ');
    var command = parts.shift().substring(1);
    var id = msg.playerid;
    if(!store_commands.list[id]) store_commands.list[id] = { cmds: [], delay: 500 };
        case 'delay':
            store_commands.list[id].delay = parseInt(parts[0], 10);
        case 'store':
            var delay = 500;
            if(parts[0].indexOf('!') == 0)
                delay = parseInt(parts.shift().substring(1), 10);
            else if(store_commands.list[id].delay)
                delay = store_commands.list[id].delay;
            var obj = { text: parts.join(' '), delay: delay };
        case 'clearstore':
            store_commands.list[id].cmds = [];
        case 'echostore':
            for(var i = 0; i < store_commands.list[id].cmds.length; i++)
                var obj = store_commands.list[id].cmds[i];
                sendChat('Store Commands.js', '/w ' + msg.who + ' {' + obj.delay + 'ms, ' + obj.text + '}');
        case 'run':
            var count = 0;
            for(var i = 0; i < store_commands.list[id].cmds.length; i++)
                var obj = store_commands.list[id].cmds[i];
                store_commands.echo(id, obj.text, count + obj.delay);
                count += obj.delay;

store_commands.echo = function(id, text, delay)
    setTimeout(function(){ sendChat('player|'+id, text); }, delay);