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API ScriptAuthor: Pat
Last Modified: 2020-12
Code: Teleport
Dependencies: None
Conflicts: None

This script provides a way for GMs or players to teleport tokens within,or between, map pages, through the creation of "teleportation pads" that can each have their own configurations.

Can be used for :
  • Summoning a Monster
  • Pits, Holes, Traps
  • Two Floors in a House
  • Getting Washed Downstream
  • Getting Lost in a Magical Portal Forest
  • Elevator or Spiral Stairs

On installation, a note (Teleport API) is created in your N Journal, and a help text appears in q Text Chat, both of which have buttons which activate the main menu. The note persists, and will not be re-created unless you remove the note, so you can always find and activate the menu button. You can also type !teleport --menu into chat.

For full instructions, see the forum link below, or read the info on the script's API Install page.


This is a short summary of some of the API's features. See the for more.
  • Creating teleport pad tokens. Names do not have to be special and are expressly so the creator can identify them, and can be changed at any time.
  • Teleporting a selected token to a teleport pad with chat buttons
  • automatic teleportation between pads
  • two-way auto-teleports (pads that are linked to each-other)
  • many-to-one teleports (many teleport pads can have the same target teleport pad)
  • one-to-many teleports (one teleport pad has many targets; two alternatives):
    • random a random target pad is selected out of the many targets (default)
    • select - player is presented with several options on where to teleport (teleportation targets can be hidden from players)
  • token keys that player tokens have to match to auto-teleport (this does not stop GM manual teleport through the chat menu)
  • special effects when teleporting
  • Text appearing in chat when auto-teleporting
  • Cross-page teleport player + token is moved to another map page
    • Caution: the API implementation appears to not have the same status as the drag-drop implementation. Much like the jukebox, where a track started by the Jukebox controls can't be turned off by the API, an individual player ribbon moved by drag-drop cannot be moved by API.
    • Additionally, API individual player ribbon moves are not retained if the player logs off/leaves the game as normal, unlike drag-drop operations. A returning player who was on another page due to API will be automatically re-merged with the main Player ribbon.
    • We are investigating the difference at this time, but it appears the API has lost its access to the "real" player status.