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Script:Token Mod

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API ScriptAuthor: Aaron C. M.
Code: TokenMod
Dependencies: None
Conflicts: None

Main Page: API:Script Index

The Aaron's TokenMod API Script. TokenMod provides an interface to setting almost all changeable properties of a token. Players can also use it to edit tokens they control, with option to edit/target other's tokens.

It's among the most popular APIs, and is quickly updated every time Roll20 makes new API keys accessible.

  • Update v0.8.69 June 2021(Forum) -- Support for Token Bar Location, Compact Token Bars, Light Sensitivity Multiplier (UDL), and Night Vision Effect (UDL)
  • Update 0.8.71 (Forum) -- includes support for lightColor

!token-mod <--help|--ignore-selected|--config|--on|--off|--flip|--set> <parameter> [<parameter> ...] ... [ --ids <token id> [<token id> ...]]

Full user documentation can be found in the Help: TokenMod-Handout in-game, or by running the command !token-mod --help.



Enable players to target/edit tokens they don't control(is also a button in the config menu):

!token-mod --config players-can-ids|on


Some examples of !token-mod commands, with possible explanations. Examples are taken from the forum thread or in-game documentation.

!token-mod --on showname            // show nameplate
!token-mod --set layer|gmlayer      // move to gmlayer
!token-mod --set bar1_value|-3      // decrease value of bar 3 by 3
!token-mod --set name|"Sir Thomas" bar1_value|23      //Setting a token's name to "Sir Thomas" and bar1 value to 23
!token-mod --set represents|@{Bob|character_id} defaulttoken      // sets the default token for that character, a quick way to update the default token
!token-mod --set statusmarkers|blue|broken-shield       //adds the 2 status markers to the token
!token-mod --move 3g                // move token 3 grids in the current facing(up being default)
!token-mod --move =90|2u           // moves 2 grids to the right(ignoring current facing)

//Various examples
!token-mod --on showplayers_aura1 --set aura1_radius|35 aura1_color|0000ff //Turning on aura1 for players, setting it's radius to 35, setting it's color to blue
!token-mod --set bar[[1d3]]_value|X statusmarkers|blue:[[1d9]]|green:[[1d9]] name:"[[1t[randomName]]]"     // use inline rolls to set values
!token-mod --set width|25s height|35s     // 's' represent the unit of measurement for the page
!token-mod --set scale|*2
!token-mod --set imgsrc|        // change token image 

//Sidenumber Multi-sided tokens
!token-mod --set currentside|2
!token-mod --set currentside|+      //shift side by 1
!token-mod --set currentside|*      //set random side

//Controlled by
!token-mod --set controlledby|bob
!token-mod --set controlledby|+susan|+tommy        //add susan & tommy to list
!token-mod --set controlledby|=@{target|token_id}   //copy controlled by from other token
!token-mod --set controlledby|                      //nobody
!token-mod --set controlledby|all                   //all players

//Legacy DL examples
!token-mod --set light_radius|40 light_dimradius|20 adv_fow_view_distance|30

//Chaining multiple TokenMod commands
!token-mod {{

Color Light dropdown

"a macro to change the light colour emitted by a token. Included are the basic colours and a collection of some others that I thought would be interesting." - source(Forum)

!token-mod ?{Colour|Black, --set lightColor#000000|Silver, --set lightColor#c0c0c0|Gray, --set lightColor#808080|White, --set lightColor#ffffff|Maroon, --set lightColor#800000|Red, --set lightColor#ff0000|Purple, --set lightColor#800080|Fuchsia, --set lightColor#9900ff|Pink, --set lightColor#ffc0cb|Green, --set lightColor#008000|Lime, --set lightColor#00ff00|Olive, --set lightColor#808000|Yellow, --set lightColor#ffff00|Navy, --set lightColor#000080|Blue, --set lightColor#0000ff|Teal, --set lightColor#008080|Aqua, --set lightColor#00ffff|Orange, --set lightColor#ffa500|-,
|Aquamarine, --set lightColor#7fffd4|Coral, --set lightColor#ff7f50|Cornflowerblue, --set lightColor#6495ed|Crimson, --set lightColor#dc143c|Darkcyan, --set lightColor#008b8b|Darkgreen, --set lightColor#006400|Darkseagreen, --set lightColor#8fbc8f|Deeppink, --set lightColor#ff1493|Firebrick, --set lightColor#b22222|Gold, --set lightColor#ffd700|Goldenrod, --set lightColor#daa520|Lavender, --set lightColor#e6e6fa|Orangered, --set lightColor#ff4500|Saddlebrown, --set lightColor#8b4513|Salmon, --set lightColor#fa8072|Seagreen, --set lightColor#2e8b57|Skyblue, --set lightColor#87ceeb|Violet, --set lightColor#ee82ee|Wheat, --set lightColor#f5deb3|-,
|Clear, --set lightColor#transparent|}

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