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Script:Token Mod

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Main Page: Token/API

API ScriptAuthor: Aaron C. M.
Code: TokenMod
Dependencies: None
Conflicts: None

TokenMod provides an interface to setting almost all changeable properties of a token. Players can also use it to edit tokens they control, with option to edit/target other's tokens.

It's among the most popular APIs, and is quickly updated every time Roll20 makes new API keys accessible.

!token-mod <--help|--ignore-selected|--config|--on|--off|--flip|--set> <parameter> [<parameter> ...] ... [ --ids <token id> [<token id> ...]]

Full user documentation can be found in the Help: TokenMod-Handout in-game, or by running the command !token-mod --help.



Enable players to target/edit tokens they don't control(is also a button in the config menu):

!token-mod --config players-can-ids|on


!token-mod <--help|--ignore-selected|--config|--on|--off|--flip|--set> <parameter> [<parameter> ...] ... [ --ids <token id> [<token id> ...]]

This command takes a list of modifications and applies them to the selected tokens (or tokens specified with --ids by a GM or Player depending on configuration).

  • --help -- Displays the help documentation
  • --api-as <playerid> -- Sets the player id to use as the player when the API is calling the script.
  • --config -- Sets Config options.
  • on/off/flip (See "Boolean Arguments"-section in handout for more details)
    • --on -- Turns on any of the specified parameters.
    • --off -- Turns off any of the specified parameters.
    • --flip -- Flips the value of any of the specified parameters.
  • --set -- Each parameter is treated as a key and value, divided by a | character. Sets the key to the value. If the value has spaces, you must enclose it ' or ". See below for specific value handling logic.
  • --move -- Moves each token in a direction and distance based on its facing.
  • --order -- Changes the ordering of tokens. Specify one of:
    • tofront, front, f, top to bring something to the front
    • toback, back, b, bottom to push it to the back.
  • --report -- Displays a report of what changed for each token.

Full user documentation can be found in the Help: TokenMod-Handout in-game, or by running the command !token-mod --help.

Token Selection

By default, any command is activated for selected tokens.


  • --ignore-selected -- Prevents modifications to the selected tokens (only modifies tokens passed with --ids).
  • --current-page -- Only modifies tokens on the calling player's current page. This is particularly useful when passing character_ids to --ids.
  • --active-pages -- Only modifies tokens on pages where there is a player or the GM. This is particularly useful when passing character_ids to --ids.
  • --ids -- Each parameter is a Token ID or Character ID
    • Easiest way to provide the ID with @{target|Target 1|token_id} or @{Charlie|character_id}.
      • The name used in example @{Charlie|character_id} is the name of the character, not the token. @{Charlie|token_id} doesn't work
    • works with providing an Token/Char ID directly (ex. !token-mod --ids -Mxxzfp9Bxbn4JqzGOkB --move =90|1g
    • By default, only a GM can use this argument.

You can enable players to use --ids as well with --config players-can-ids|on.

Note: If you are using multiple @{target|token_id} calls in a macro, and need to adjust fewer than the supplied number of token ids, simply select the same token several times. The duplicates will be removed.

Use with other APIs

If you use other APIs to call TokenMod, it's possible to target tokens by their name. (Useful when token isn't linked to a character, or has a name that doesn't match the character it represents.

  • SelectManager Metascript to improve selection handling for other APIs
    • ex. !token-mod --ids {& select Charlie, Dino} --current-page --move =90|1g (Target's token by name, not possible normally)
  • Script:Fetch Metascript to fetch info from tokens & characters
    • ex. !token-mod --ids @(Charlie.token_id) --current-page --move =90|1g (Target's token by name, not possible normally)
  • It's A Trap can be used to trigger TokenMod commands when tokens are moved into a defined trigger area, among things.


Note: Each --option can be specified multiple times and in any order.

Note: Anywhere you use |, you can use # instead. Sometimes this makes macros easier.

Note: You can use the {{ and }} to span multiple lines with your command for easier clarity and editing:

!token-mod {{
    name|"My bright token"


Some examples of !token-mod commands, with possible explanations. Examples are taken from forums thread, in-game documentation, and other places.

!token-mod --on showname            // show nameplate
!token-mod --off showname --ids -MqL6-o4cFq5-9Z5_W8K  // turn off nameplate for token with that token_id
!token-mod --set layer|gmlayer      // move token to GM layer
!token-mod --set bar1_value|-3      // decrease value of bar 3 by 3
!token-mod --set name|"Sir Thomas" bar1_value|23      //Setting a token's name to "Sir Thomas" and bar1 value to 23
!token-mod --set represents|@{Bob|character_id} defaulttoken      // sets the default token for that character, a quick way to update the default token
!token-mod --set statusmarkers|blue|broken-shield       //adds the 2 status markers to the token
!token-mod --move 3g                // move token 3 grids in the current facing(up being default)
!token-mod --move =90|2u           // moves 2 grids to the right(ignoring current facing)
!token-mod --flip lockMovement     // locks the token's movement

//Various examples
!token-mod --on showplayers_aura1 --set aura1_radius|35 aura1_color|0000ff //Turning on aura1 for players, setting it's radius to 35, setting it's color to blue
!token-mod --set bar[[1d3]]_value|X statusmarkers|blue:[[1d9]]|green:[[1d9]] name:"[[1t[randomName]]]"     // use inline rolls to set values
!token-mod --set width|25s height|35s     // 's' represent the unit of measurement for the page
!token-mod --set scale|*2
!token-mod --set imgsrc|        // change token image 
!token-mod --set tooltip|"Hey, you can see this on hover!" --on show_tooltip

//Sidenumber Multi-sided tokens
!token-mod --set currentside|2      //set selected token to show side 2
!token-mod --set currentside|+      //set selected token to show "next" side, by "shifting" the token side number by +1
!token-mod --set currentside|*      //set selected token to show random side

//Controlled by
!token-mod --set controlledby|bob
!token-mod --set controlledby|+susan|+tommy        //add susan & tommy to list
!token-mod --set controlledby|=@{target|token_id}   //copy controlled by from other token
!token-mod --set controlledby|                      //nobody
!token-mod --set controlledby|all                   //all players

//Updated DL Examples
!token-mod --on emits_bright emits_low --set bright_distance|40 low_distance|20
!token-mod --flip emits_bright emits_low                          //Toggles on/off emitted light for the token
!token-mod --set emits_bright_light|on emits_low_light|on bright_light_distance|20 low_light_distance|20 light_angle|360             //selected token emits light as a standard 5E Torch

//Legacy DL Example
!token-mod --set light_radius|40 light_dimradius|20 adv_fow_view_distance|30

//Chaining multiple TokenMod commands
!token-mod {{

Update Token

Default Token

If you have a token selected, which is set to represent a character, you can do the following command and the Character's default token will be updated. This is much quicker than the Link Token-method.

!token-mod --set defaulttoken

Token Image

Setting the token image to a library image using an URL (in this case, the orange ring Aaron uses for TurnMarker1):

!token-mod --set imgsrc|

Setting the token image from another token by specifying it's token_id:

!token-mod --set imgsrc|@{target|token_id} --ids @{selected|token_id}

Handy for players to update their token image themselves, while still keeping the token's other settings. You can then run !token-mod --set defaulttoken to update the character's default token.

WARNING: Because of a Roll20 bug with @{target|} and the API, you must specify the tokens you want to change using --ids when using @{target|}.

Multi-Sided Token:

You can append additional images to the list of sides by prefacing the source of an image with +:

!token-mod --set imgsrc|+

More examples for Multi-Sided can be found in the "Help:Token Mod"-handout in-game.

Character-Specific Command

Toggles on/off Darkvision for tokens representing the character named "Wizard", and only on the current map page. Doesn't apply the changes to any selected characters.

Great example of fairly fool-proof command that can be given to a players as a macro, which they can active for their own character for the quickbar or a macro, without the risk of accidentally affecting other tokens than the one currently played by the player.

!token-mod {{
  --ids @{Wizard|character_id}

Color Light dropdown

"a macro to change the light colour emitted by a token. Included are the basic colours and a collection of some others that I thought would be interesting." - source(Forum)

!token-mod ?{Colour|Black, --set lightColor#000000|Silver, --set lightColor#c0c0c0|Gray, --set lightColor#808080|White, --set lightColor#ffffff|Maroon, --set lightColor#800000|Red, --set lightColor#ff0000|Purple, --set lightColor#800080|Fuchsia, --set lightColor#9900ff|Pink, --set lightColor#ffc0cb|Green, --set lightColor#008000|Lime, --set lightColor#00ff00|Olive, --set lightColor#808000|Yellow, --set lightColor#ffff00|Navy, --set lightColor#000080|Blue, --set lightColor#0000ff|Teal, --set lightColor#008080|Aqua, --set lightColor#00ffff|Orange, --set lightColor#ffa500|-,
|Aquamarine, --set lightColor#7fffd4|Coral, --set lightColor#ff7f50|Cornflowerblue, --set lightColor#6495ed|Crimson, --set lightColor#dc143c|Darkcyan, --set lightColor#008b8b|Darkgreen, --set lightColor#006400|Darkseagreen, --set lightColor#8fbc8f|Deeppink, --set lightColor#ff1493|Firebrick, --set lightColor#b22222|Gold, --set lightColor#ffd700|Goldenrod, --set lightColor#daa520|Lavender, --set lightColor#e6e6fa|Orangered, --set lightColor#ff4500|Saddlebrown, --set lightColor#8b4513|Salmon, --set lightColor#fa8072|Seagreen, --set lightColor#2e8b57|Skyblue, --set lightColor#87ceeb|Violet, --set lightColor#ee82ee|Wheat, --set lightColor#f5deb3|-,
|Clear, --set lightColor#transparent|}

Move dead to map layer

by Jarren(Forum)

use to move dead NPCs between the object layer and map layer (so that I don't keep clicking on them accidentally, but they stay visible for the players).

!?{Dead or Alive?|Dead,--order tofront --set layer#map --report gm#"{name} is dead"|Alive,--order tofront --set layer#objects --report gm#"{name} is alive"}
!token-mod ?{Dead or Alive?|Dead|Alive}


TokenMod for WildShape

API command:

/w gm Quill wills himself to transform!
!token-mod {{
    ?{Choose Form|Giant Toad,currentside#1 represents#@{Giant Toad|character_id} width#[[2*70]] height#[[2*70]]
      |Giant Hyena,currentside#2 represents#@{Giant Hyena|character_id} width#[[2*70]] height#[[2*70]]
      |Dire Wolf,currentside#3 represents#@{Dire Wolf|character_id} width#[[2*70]] height#[[2*70]]
      |Reef Shark,currentside#4 represents#@{Reef Shark|character_id} width#[[2*70]] height#[[2*70]]
      |Quill,currentside#5 represents#@{Quill|character_id} width#[[70]] height#[[70]]
    bar1_link|speed bar2_link|hp

Dynamic Lighting

Token Menu

macro by keith

for UDL

Used with D&D 5E by Roll20
Character   Sheet
, creating a Chat Menus to change selected tokens' Dynamic Lighting settings. Quick way to set torches or some common Light spells.
/w gm &{template:npcaction} {{rname=Vision and Light}}{{description=**Vision**
[On](!token-mod --set has_bright_light_vision|on has_night_vision|on light_angle|360) | [Off](!token-mod --set has_bright_light_vision|off has_night_vision|off light_angle|360) | [GM](!token-mod --set has_bright_light_vision|on has_night_vision|on night_vision_distance|10 light_angle|360)
[Touch](!token-mod --set  has_bright_light_vision|on has_night_vision|on night_vision_distance|5 light_angle|360) | [Blindfighting](!token-mod --set has_bright_light_vision|on has_night_vision|on night_vision_distance|10 light_angle|360)
[Darkvision](!token-mod --set has_bright_light_vision|on has_night_vision|on night_vision_distance|60 light_angle|360 night_vision_effect|nocturnal) | [DV90](!token-mod --set has_bright_light_vision|on has_night_vision|on night_vision_distance|90 light_angle|360 night_vision_effect|nocturnal) | [DV120](!token-mod --set has_bright_light_vision|on has_night_vision|on night_vision_distance|120 light_angle|360 night_vision_effect|nocturnal) | [DV off](!token-mod --set has_bright_light_vision|on has_night_vision|off night_vision_distance|0 light_angle|360)
[Off](!token-mod --set emits_bright_light|off emits_low_light|off light_angle|360) | [On](!token-mod --set emits_bright_light|on emits_low_light|on light_angle|360) | [Spot](!token-mod --set emits_bright_light|on bright_light_distance|5 low_light_distance|0 light_angle|360) | 
 [Candle](!token-mod --set emits_bright_light|on emits_low_light|on bright_light_distance|2 low_light_distance|5 light_angle|360) | [Lamp](!token-mod --set emits_bright_light|on emits_low_light|on bright_light_distance|15 low_light_distance|15 light_angle|360) | [Torch](!token-mod --set emits_bright_light|on emits_low_light|on bright_light_distance|20 low_light_distance|20 light_angle|360)
[Hooded Lantern](!token-mod --set emits_bright_light|on emits_low_light|on bright_light_distance|30 low_light_distance|30 light_angle|360) | [Bullseye Lantern](!token-mod --set emits_bright_light|on emits_low_light|on bright_light_distance|60 low_light_distance|60 light_angle|90)
[*Light*](!token-mod --set emits_bright_light|on emits_low_light|on bright_light_distance|20 low_light_distance|20 light_angle|360) | [*Daylight*](!token-mod --set emits_bright_light|on emits_low_light|on bright_light_distance|60 low_light_distance|60 light_angle|360) | [*Dancing*](!token-mod --set emits_bright_light|off emits_low_light|on bright_light_distance|0 low_light_distance|10 light_angle|360) | [*Faerie Fire*](!token-mod --set emits_bright_light|off emits_low_light|on bright_light_distance|0 low_light_distance|10 statusmarkers|purple light_angle|360)
[*Gem of Brightness*](!token-mod --set emits_bright_light|on emits_low_light|on bright_light_distance|30 low_light_distance|30 light_angle|360)}}

Set Vision

by Klaus(Forum)

for UDL

Players can set Vision for themselves easily:

  • On, Off, Blindfighting, Darkvision 60/90/120/300/Off, Devils Sight 120
!token-mod --set ?{Vision|On, has_bright_light_vision#on has_night_vision#on light_angle#360|Off, has_bright_light_vision#off has_night_vision#off light_angle#360|Blindfighting, has_bright_light_vision#on has_night_vision#on night_vision_distance#10 light_angle#360|Darkvision 60, has_bright_light_vision#on has_night_vision#on night_vision_distance#60 light_angle#360 night_vision_effect#nocturnal|Darkvision 90, has_bright_light_vision#on has_night_vision#on night_vision_distance#90 light_angle#360 night_vision_effect#nocturnal|Darkvision 120, has_bright_light_vision#on has_night_vision#on night_vision_distance#120 light_angle#360 night_vision_effect#nocturnal|Darkvision 300, has_bright_light_vision#on has_night_vision#on night_vision_distance#300 light_angle#360 night_vision_effect#nocturnal|Darkvision Off, has_bright_light_vision#on has_night_vision#off night_vision_distance#0 light_angle#360|Devils Sight 120, has_bright_light_vision#on has_night_vision#on night_vision_distance#120 light_angle#360 night_vision_effect#nocturnal}

Set Light Source

by Klaus(Forum)

Player can set light source

On, Off,Spot, Candle, Lamp, Torch, Hooded Lantern, Bullseye Lantern, Light Cantrip, Dancing Lights, Daylight Spell, Faerie Fire, Gem of Brightness, Crown of 4+/1-3 Stars, Sunblade 10/10,15/15, 20/20, 25/25, 30/30

!token-mod --set ?{Light|On, emits_bright_light#on emits_low_light#on light_angle#360|Off, emits_bright_light#off emits_low_light#off light_angle#360|Spot 5ft, emits_bright_light#on bright_light_distance#5 low_light_distance#0 light_angle#360|Candle, emits_bright_light#on emits_low_light#on bright_light_distance#2 low_light_distance#5 light_angle#360|Lamp, emits_bright_light#on emits_low_light#on bright_light_distance#15 low_light_distance#15 light_angle#360|Torch, emits_bright_light#on emits_low_light#on bright_light_distance#20 low_light_distance#20 light_angle#360|Hooded Lantern, emits_bright_light#on emits_low_light#on bright_light_distance#30 low_light_distance#30 light_angle#360|Bullseye Lantern, emits_bright_light#on emits_low_light#on bright_light_distance#60 low_light_distance#60 light_angle#90|Light Cantrip, emits_bright_light#on emits_low_light#on bright_light_distance#20 low_light_distance#20 light_angle#360|Dancing Lights, emits_bright_light#off emits_low_light#on bright_light_distance#0 low_light_distance#10 light_angle#360|Daylight Spell, emits_bright_light#on emits_low_light#on bright_light_distance#60 low_light_distance#60 light_angle#360|Faerie Fire, emits_bright_light#off emits_low_light#on bright_light_distance#0 low_light_distance#10 light_angle#360|Gem of Brightness, emits_bright_light#on emits_low_light#on bright_light_distance#30 low_light_distance#30 light_angle#360|Crown of 4+ Stars, emits_bright_light#on emits_low_light#on bright_light_distance#30 low_light_distance#30 light_angle#360|Crown of 1-3 Stars, emits_bright_light#off emits_low_light#on bright_light_distance#0 low_light_distance#30 light_angle#360|Sunblade 10/10, emits_bright_light#on emits_low_light#on bright_light_distance#10 low_light_distance#10 light_angle#360|Sunblade (1st)15/15, emits_bright_light#on emits_low_light#on bright_light_distance#15 low_light_distance#15 light_angle#360|Sunblade 20/20, emits_bright_light#on emits_low_light#on bright_light_distance#20 low_light_distance#20 light_angle#360|Sunblade 25/25, emits_bright_light#on emits_low_light#on bright_light_distance#25 low_light_distance#25 light_angle#360|Sunblade 30/30, emits_bright_light#on emits_low_light#on bright_light_distance#30 low_light_distance#30 light_angle#360}

Tooltip Update Menu

more info

Dropdown menu to choose between tooltip descriptions, for selected character. Includes option to clear&hide the tooltip when the condition is over. !token-mod --set tooltip|?{Condition|Prone,"disadvantage on melee attacks" --on show_tooltip|Grappled,"A grappled creatures speed becomes 0" --on show_tooltip|Incapacitated,"An incapacitated creature can’t take Actions or Reactions." --on show_tooltip|clear tooltip, --off show_tooltip}

Combine with other APIs


Some recent changes:

  • v0.8.74 - Add option for new Lock Token feature March 2022
    • ex. !token-mod --flip lockMovement
  • v0.8.73 - Dec. 2021
    • Fixed a bug that crashed TokenMod when any message used an inline roll of a Rollable Table with no rows. (Thanks Shane M. )
    • TokenMod will do a better job of ignoring messages that aren't meant for it
  • v0.8.72 - Oct. 2021 - Support for Token Tooltip
  • v0.8.71(Forum) - includes support for lightColor
  • v0.8.69(Forum) - June 2021 - Support for Token Bar Location, Compact Token Bars, Light Sensitivity Multiplier (UDL), and Night Vision Effect (UDL)

See Also