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Select and Pan Tool

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The Select and Pan tool allows you to toggle between manipulting objects on the tabletop and panning around the screen.

Select Mode

In select mode, you can click to select an object (such as a token or a map) on the tabletop. Note that you will only be able to select objects on the current layer. You can also resize it or move it around. For more information, see the Manipulating Graphics help page.

If you want to select multiple objects, click on an empty part of the tabletop and drag to create a selection box which you can use to select many objects at once. You can also hold the Shift key while selecting an object to select multiple objects without losing your previous selection.

Finally, you can hold down the Alt key while selecting to only select drawing objects (such as freehand drawings and shapes), or the Control (or Command on Mac) key to only select tokens. This is useful when you have a crowded tabletop that has many objects in a small space.

Pan Mode

Pan mode enables you to click and drag anywhere on the tabletop to quickly move about the page. You can also right-click and drag at any time (even if Pan mode is not active) to use the pan tool.