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Sheet Requests

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Sheet Requests

This is a list of character sheets that have been requested to be made, and meant to help document sheet request as well as possible work in progress(WIP).

If you want to petition a change or improvement to an existing sheet, it's recommended to make a new thread on the Character Sheet, contact the active author if one exists, and create an Issue on the Roll20 repository.

The best way to go about making a request is by posting in the Sheet Request Thread.

Current Requests

If you have worked or are working on some of these sheets, please add relevant links WIP or you link to your username if you are okay with being contacted related to a particular sheet.

Making a Good Case

If you want to improve the chances of a sheet request being fulfilled, there are a number of things you can do to increase your odds.

1. Be respectful. If you ask someone to create something for free, it should go without saying that you should be nice when asking. Majority of the character sheets are created by community members.

2. Describe the game system's general mechanics, and mention if it shares similarities or is related to other known games. E.g: Expanse RPG is based on the AGE system by Green Ronin; DungeoneerD20 is inspired by D&D 3.5E, Pathfinder and have a classless character creation like X

3. Give a good case for why the sheet is needed / why the game is interesting. Sheet authors who create sheets often do so out of some interest for the game, considering most sheets are created by people in their free time.

4. Linking to the paper version of the sheet. If a game have a hard to find sheet, it might never get done if you don't show how it looks like.

5. Point to a similar or related sheet existing on Roll20. If you track down an existing character sheet that shares much with the requested sheet, a sheet author would potentially have an easier time to get started if there exist a solid suggestion to start from.

6. Mention/have ready macros and resources that have been used to play the game so far on ROll20. These macros can help in the sheet creation, quickly explain the game mechanics, and could potentially be used to create roll-buttons.

7. Be prepared to give detailed description of how the game is played/sheet is used. It saves any future sheet author's time, as they would otherwise need to spend time learning rules, instead of working on the actual sheet.

8. Link to any free rules available for the game. If the game have free, legal rules/quickrules available online, any sheet author could work easier on the sheet without needing to consult a person knowing the rules. If you're truly dedicated, you could provide legal copies of the gamerules to a sheet author if no free quickrules exist.

9. Consider approaching the game's community or Publisher about your request. If it's a new or fairly new game, there is a chance that someone in the game's community or the publisher itself would consider getting a sheet created if they know that many are playing it online.

10. If you're a publisher, you can consider contacting Roll20 to seek a deal. Alternatively, you can post on the Character Sheet forums about wanting to have a character sheet made/commissioned.

11. Paying someone to creating the sheet (Forum thread talking about the subject).

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