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Swargula is a Dungeons and Dragons streamer who plays 99% of his games Dungeon Mastering viewers in a game he dubs Twitch Plays DnD or #TPDND for short. He streams nearly everyday for 30+ hours a week and has games 5 times a week that are open to nearly everyone by simply putting the command !info into his chat and reading the linked document.



Swargula is an R-rated streamer and person who prides himself in treating his stream like an extension of his personal life. Going on things his chat has dubbed "Rants", Swargula considers few topics off-limits for his stream and like viewers to see the rawest and most real version of himself.

Swargula is an avid drinker and pizza eater who, outside of working a day job, does little else than role play or role play related work. Swargula has made his own modules, game systems and spends much of his stream time prepping completely home-brewed content from monsters to worlds and mechanics.

Featured Games & Editions

D&D (5e)

Live Schedule

*Most days, evenings Pacific Time on

Show Information

Twitch Plays DnD

or #TPDND for short - a West Marches style game played by whoever wants to. Players exist in a hex crawl wild west of fantasy and everything is heavily based around the mechanics. Viewers who play can keep the same character, XP and loot each time they play (until Swargula kills them).