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Star Frontiers Character Sheet

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  1. Fill out the top portion of the General Data
  2. Go to the Ability Scores tab and enter in your beginning ability scores (make sure the drop down box shows PC/NPC)
  3. Then go back to the Character tab and copy your STA score in the Current STA field under the Medical Record.
  4. Enter in the Racial Abilities and the rest of the fields as needed in the Personal File
  5. Under the Skill tab - choose your PSA and then make sure that it is checked next to the name in black. This will make sure that you pay the appropriate amount under XP calculations.
  6. Spend as much XP as your GM allows you to spend with his campaign (usually 20)
  7. Under the Combat tab List any Range or Melee weapons, Defenses (Screens and Suits) as well as any power equipment (beltpacks or backpacks). You will need to click on the "on" tab to populate the fields. Then write your current SEU in the box next to it.
  8. The Gear tab is where you put all of your equipment. Under the Mission tab are items that weigh something. Do not put ammo, kit items, or items that weight less than 1 KG in this section (unless your GM tells you otherwise)
  9. The Mission tab allows you to put your occupational and employee data as well as your previous mission data. It also has a mission profile that you can list information about your current mission.
  10. Ignore the Robot and Creature tabs as these are not used in character creation. If you have purchased a robot or have a creature pet - you will use a separate character sheet to fill their information out.