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[[Category:Star Wars]][[Category:Games]]
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Star Wars RPG may refer to:



Here is are links to the known game guides or character sheets available for each system.

Star Wars D6/WEG

See: How to play Star Wars D6 on Roll20

Star Wars Saga/d20

  • Star Wars Revised RPG | Author: Trae Chappell | sourcecode

Star Wars FFG

See: Star Wars FFG for more.

  • Star Wars: FFG (API-Compatible) | Author: Tim P. | Version 6.5.0 | Wiki Documentation
  • Star Wars: FFG (French) | Authors: Akashan, Josh A., Andrew H. | Utilizes API Script for Dice
  • Star Wars FFG Alternate | Authors:Timothy Yuen | Readme
  • Star Wars: FFG (Simple) | Authors: Cameron C, Erin V, Robin B

Star Wars 5E(DnD5E homebrew)

Other Resources

Star Wars D6