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(partial update for v.1.40)
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[[File:Preview-panel.png|500px|thumbnail|The main page of the Stargate RPG [[Character Sheet]]|right]]
[[File:Stargate-v141-sheet.png|500px|thumbnail|The main page of the Stargate RPG, v.141 [[Character Sheet]]|right]]
This is a guide to play '''Stargate RPG''' by '''Wyvern Gaming''' on Roll20.  
This is a guide to play '''Stargate RPG''' by '''Wyvern Gaming''' on Roll20.  
{{note| Update for sheet version '''1.40''' under way. [[User:1223200|1223200]] ([[User talk:1223200|talk]]) 00:07, 11 October 2020 (UTC)}}
{{notebox| Update for sheet version '''1.40''' under way. [[User:1223200|1223200]] ([[User talk:1223200|talk]]) 00:07, 11 October 2020 (UTC)}}
==Character Sheet==
==Character Sheet==

Revision as of 00:11, 11 October 2020

The main page of the Stargate RPG, v.141 Character Sheet

This is a guide to play Stargate RPG by Wyvern Gaming on Roll20.


Character Sheet

This is the Official Roll20 Character Sheet by Wyvern Gaming, created by Andreas J.. Sheet Version 1.40

  • All Attribute/Skill/Save/Attack rolls are always rolled twice each time, so that Advantage/Disadvantage can be quickly determined. If you have neither, just use the first roll.
  • It's recommended you first assign your Main Attributes & Proficiency Bonus. The other stats will be updated according to the main stats, leaving less things to adjust manually.

Main Page

Kulera makes a Culture Check


  • When you type in the attribute, the character sheet automatically calculates the attribute's modifier. It will also increase/decrease the the bonus to the related skills, saves, initiative, moxie and Armor Class.


  • The skill modifiers will increase/decrease automatically when you change your main attributes
  • When you check the Proficiency checkbox for a skill, the sheet will automatically add your current Proficiency bonus to the skill
  • You can manually edit your skill modifier if you have some other bonuses


  • The save modifiers will increase/decrease automatically when you change your main attributes
  • When you check the Proficiency checkbox for a save, the sheet will automatically add your current Proficiency bonus to the skill
  • You can manually edit your save modifier if you have some other bonuses

Initiative & Moxie

  • Currently the sheet sets your Initiative bonus according to your Dex modifier, so you might need to change it if your other relevant stat for it is higher.
  • Currently the sheet sets your Moxie bonus according to your Cha modifier, so you might need to change it if your other relevant stat for it is higher.

Rolling Initiative & Moxie

If you want a characters roll to appear on the Turn Tracker, you need to have the character's token selected. Otherwise the result only appears in the q Text Chat. See Link token to Character Sheet for more on this.

Death Saves

You can roll Death Saves from the title button, and then track failures/successes in the tracker.


For storing items currently carried by the character. The #Background Page have a separate "Equipment"-section for tracking the characters all equipment.


  • When you press an attack roll button, it will rolls your Attack & Damage at the same time.
  • You can use one of your attack slots for quickly rolling some of your class/racial/feat abilities. If you have a First Aid Kit, you can assign the amount it heals as the damage, and write in the "Damage type" spot "healing". Alternatively, use the Custom Rolls-section found on the Settings-page.

Background Page

The sheet have simple text-boxes for filling out Racial/Class/Feat abilities, as well as Equipment & other notes, but will later be improved later.

The Equipment-section is separate from the #Inventory-section on the Main page, to make it easier to keep track of all the equipment owned/stashed, and what is carried on person at the moment.

Setting Page

  • change if the character makes rolls in public or just to the GM
  • change if the character's name is shown in roll result

Custom Rolls

This section shows three examples of macros that can be used for the sheet. Good spot for saving and rolling any misc. rolls that isn't covered by other sections.


  • All roll buttons can be dragged to your Macro quickbar, or used directly in the q Text Chat by calling the button by it's name.

Default Settings

The Settings available for DMs to change how new character sheets are set when created.


Roll Template

Some examples of how the &{template:stargate} Roll Template can be used.

  • The @{whisper} at the start can be adjusted from the Settings page to whether the roll is made public, or just to the GM
  • @{show_name} in the middle determines if the character's name is shown in the templates subtitle section or not: {{subtitle=@{character_name} }}.
  • the {{color=}} determins what color the title section of the roll. It accepts "green","white", "black", and if the section is skipped, it uses the red color by default.
@{whisper}&{template:stargate} {{color=white}} {{title=ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY}} @{show_name}  {{Intelligence (Engineering)=[[1d20+@{td}]]}} {{Intelligence (Engineering)(If Adv/Disadvatage)=[[1d20+@{td}]]}} {{desc=Whenever you make an Intelligence (Engineering) check that involves technology with a tech level of 4 or higher, you add +TD to the check.}}
&{template:stargate} {{color=green}} {{title=FIRST AID(Medic)}} @{show_name}  {{Healing=[[1d8+@{prof}[proficiency] ]]}} {{desc=Your extensive training in field medicine allows you to rapidly provide aid to a wounded team member. When you use a med kit to heal you add your Proficiency modifier to the damage healed. In addition, you may use a med kit to heal a wounded team member as an action (rather than during a short rest). Med kits cannot heal the target again until after a short rest.}}
@{Kulera|whisper}&{template:stargate} {{title=@{Kulera|attack3}}} @{Kulera|show_name} {{[[d20+(@{Kulera|attack3_to_hit})]]=[[d20+(@{Kulera|attack3_to_hit})]]}} {{Damage=[[@{Kulera|attack3_dmg}+0]]}} {{desc=@{Kulera|attack3_special} }}

Useful Macros

Here are few example you can use in your game, you can just copy them into the q Text Chat and press enter, or save it as a macro for repeated use.

  • Hit Dice
    • Simple(example for someone with a d10 HD and Con modifier of 3.): r/ 1d10+3(Edit to be correct for your character)
    • HD Recovery(example for someone with a d10 HD and Con modifier of 3.): &{template:default} {{name=**Hit Dice Recovery**}} {{Character recovers=[[d10+3]]}} (Edit to be correct for your character)
    • HD Recovery(Macro that asks for the stats): &{template:default} {{name=**Hit Dice Recovery**}} {{Character recovers=[[?{Character's Hit Dice?|d10}+?{Character's Constitution modifier?|0}]]}}
    • HD Recovery(When selecting a token linked to a character sheet, automatically checks the characters stats): &{template:default} {{name=**Hit Dice Recovery**}} {{Character recovers=[[@{selected|hd}+@{selected|con_mod}]]}}


Few tips & trips for Gatemasters on how to use some Roll20 features for aspects relevant to Stargate in general or the rules themselves.

Initiative & Moxie

If you use the Turn Tracker to display Initiative & Moxie orders, you have three options to add NPC to it:

  • use the PC method, and roll the initiative/moxie while having the NPC token selected, if you have a character sheet to use
  • select a NPC token(doesn't need a character sheet) from the map and right-click it, and select "Add Turn"
  • select the Cog icon on the Turn Tracker and from the popup fill in "Add Custom Item".

After an initiative/moxie is rolled, you can edit the result manually if needed.

NPC stats

The character sheet doesn't yet have a NPC version, so if you want your NPC stats/and rolls easy, you can use the player character sheet until a simplified NPC sheet is made. Then it's made available, it will share all or most stats with the PC version, so that most/all stats should transfer easily from PC to NPC sheets without extra work.


Set map to meters

Stargate RPG uses meters for movement, so if want to track/use maps on grid/hex for movement, it's a good idea to go the the Page Toolbar, and change the Page Scale from the default 5 ft. to 1 m. or 2 m., as most things have a base move of 6m. You can only set the map to track full numbers, so 1.5 m. isn't unfortunately an option.

If you want the map to represent large distances, you could set it to:

  • 6 meters, to correlate with one standard move action(most have base movement speed of 6m.) of a character, maybe practical for a chase scene on foot.
  • increments of vehicle speed. Useful for movement with vehicles on land, air, or space.
  • several humdred moeter or even kilometer could be useful for world/regional maps players use for planning & measuring larger scale missions or situations. If they don't need any tokens on the map or do any planning, these larger maps can very well be just a handout, instead of being a full map.

Gates & Moving Between Locations

If the game creator is a Pro subscriber, you could use some some API Scripts to create an effect where players are automatically moved to another map when they move their token into a portal. This could also be used for more mundane movement like entering a building, but probably give the nicest effect if used only with the gates.

The Page Navigator or MapChange API, together with maybe the generic It's a Trap! API could achieve this. (update section with concrete examples when figured out)

You can further enhance the Gate expereince if you use a gif that have the gate open/close animation, as then you can pause/play the token's animation when it opens or closes, and then pause to leave it open or closed as needed. You can also use the u Jukebox

to play the sound of the gate opening/closing, or even use some API to auto-play the sound. 

Character Sheet Changelog

Sheet's Changelog on GitHub (might be more up to date than here)

v.1.41 (2020-10-04)

  • Roll buttons & hover highlight made more distinct
  • roll templates updated, now mentions character name, works better for descriptions
  • Init & moxie now rolls only once
  • attacks section made more clear and given more space, rolls doesn't break if no damage is given, any special info is displayed on the roll
  • Skills set as default to zero
  • Default speed set to 6m, deafult HP removed.
  • Important fields that need to be filled out, are higlighted in red while empty.
  • Settings-page created
  • Mission Points tracking added to Setting Page
  • toggle for whispering rolls to GM added
  • toggle for showing Character name in rolls created
  • Old "Ammo"-section moved to Settings-page
  • three custom rolls options added to settings page, with examples

Stat Additions/Removals:

  • determination now have a max value, moved next to AC
  • `hp_temp` added, next to `hp`
  • Tension die added, can be added to rolls with `@{td}`
  • (MP)Mission Points added
  • Bulk tracker
  • Small Inventory section on first page
  • `ac_extra` removed

v.1.2 (2020-07-28)

  • skills, saves, init, ac, ac_extra & moxie now update when their attribute changes. init is keyed to DEX, moxie to CHA.
  • skills & saves that have been marked as proficient will now update when the prof bonus changes.
  • checking/unchecking proficiency checkbox for skills/saves automatically adds/subtracts the proficiency bonus to the affected skill.
  • the Sheet version is now display in the right corner, so it's easier to notice if the sheet have received any updates.

v.1.01 (2020-05-13)

  • update img links to point to Roll20's repo

v.1.00 (2020-03-09)

  • initial release