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(Pages that need help)
(Pages that need help)
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* [[Script:Conditions and Status Tracker]]
* [[Script:Conditions and Status Tracker]]
* [[Script:Auto Teleporting and Chat Based Teleporting]]
* [[Script:Auto Teleporting and Chat Based Teleporting]]
* [[|Language_Script]]
* [[Script:What_Did_He_Say|What Did He Say?]]

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What's this for?

This page is intended to become the principle listing point for scripts contributed to the API. Ideally, when a script is considered "done", the author would build a page for it here, and post a thread in the forum linking to it.

Who's this by?

Brian and The Aaron began this initiative, but it is intended to become a community driven living document. Please help out!

How can I help?

If you're the author of a script, or even just like using it or want to document it, fill out its linked page. If you've written a new script, add a link to it in the proper category (or create a new category for it), and fill out its page. You can use the isGM Module page as a guide.

This is a work in progress and will need to grow into what is needed. Don't be overly concerned if what you build doesn't seem quite right. Leave a note below with pages that need help, and someone will come through and touch up whatever is left.

Thanks for helping!

Pages that need help