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Talk:Dice Reference

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Revision as of 22:42, 5 May 2018 by Mercury (Talk | contribs)

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Roll Queries

Sometimes you may have a roll (or a macro) which you want to change every time it is rolled. For example, you may want to roll a variable number of dice, or add a different modifier onto the roll each time you perform the action. Roll Queries allow you to prompt whoever is performing the roll to fill in a value when the roll is made. The syntax for a roll query is:

?{Prompt Message}
/roll ?{Number of Dice}d20
//You can also include a default value:
/roll ?{Number of Dice|1}d20
// 1 would be the default

You can use Roll Queries in rolls, macros, abilities, emotes, whispers -- pretty much anywhere in the app. Note that if you use the same exact wording for a Query, Roll20 will only ask for the value the first time it's encountered in the roll. So in this example:

/roll 1d20 + ?{Bonus1} vs ?{MinToSucceed} + ?{Bonus1}

Roll20 will ask for "Bonus1" only once and use it in both places.

Roll Query Prompts

Rather than prompt for input, you can specify a list of possible values which will be presented as a dropdown box. Simply specify a list of values separated by the | character and they will show up in the dropdown:

?{Number of charges to expend?|1|2|3}

In addition, you may provide a label for each value to make your queries more descriptive. To add labels, prepend each value with some text, separated by a comma:

?{Which type of ammo?|Regular,1d8|Silent,1d6|Explosive,3d6!}

Dice command shortcut

You can use /r for /roll and /gr for /gm roll. Maybe a good idea to add it in the main page? =)


"Modfiers" should be "Modifiers", and "Mutliple" should be "Multiple". These typos are at the beginning of sections 17.4, 17.5, and 17.6.