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Revision as of 17:18, 24 April 2015 by b33f3r (Talk | contribs)

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Hey, how can I set @{selected|bar1}?

Basically I want to roll 2d6 and add the value to bar1, etc. Any help would be awesome!

AC vs AC_no_armour—use best inside macro

playing as a monk or barbarian in 5e it is advantageous in almost all situations to be unarmored. which leaves the AC stat at 0 or really low. this is not accurate as i understand the rules—base AC naked is always 10+dex mod, wearing armor replaces this with the armor's base AC and allows for or not the +dex mod. so even when no armor, or even clothing, is worn the AC in both fields should be 10+dex mod.

this is not the primary concern i have however. while i understand the utility in being able to store distinct values for armored and unarmored AC, the fact is the player will almost always be wearing or not wearing armor to gain the highest AC. as such a dice macro should be able to just specify @{target|AC} and the result is the higher of the two values between "AC" and "AC_no_armour". if there is already a way to do this please let me know.

i know that it is possible to use inline rolls to evaluate {@{target|AC},@{target|AC_no_armour}}kh1 to get the highest one of the two values, but this does not work inside an inline roll (example: [[{1d20+@{selected|str_mod}}>{@{target|AC},@{target|AC_no_armour}}kh1]] and [[{1d20+@{selected|str_mod}}>[[{@{target|AC},@{target|AC_no_armour}}kh1]]]] do not work). it would work as /roll {1d20+@{selected|str_mod}}>[[{@{target|AC},@{target|AC_no_armour}}kh1]], but this does not work inside of a roll template.

i was wanting to do this to allow players an easy way to attack npcs without giving them any information about the npcs's AC. as the above examples would return a 1 or 0 depending on successful hit or failure. but i like the collapsed format of the inline rolls over the /roll command.