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Template:Dice expression/doc

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Formalizes the dice expression syntax. An anonymous parameter may be given to change the name of the formal syntax token which begins the sequence.

Wikitext Output
{{dice expression}} dice expressionroll

dice expressiondice expressionmodifier
dice expression → {expression list}group modifier
dice expressiondice expression operator dice expression
dice expressionfunction(dice expression)
rollmath expressiondf
rollmath expressiondmath expression
math expressioninteger
math expression → (math expression operator math expression)
operator → +
operator → -
operator → *
operator → /
function → floor
function → ceil
function → round
function → abs
modifier → fcompare
modifier → !compare
modifier → !!compare
modifier → !pcompare
modifier → rcompare
modifier → rocompare
modifier → s
modifier → sd
compare → ε
compare → >integer
compare → <integer
keep → k
keep → kh
keep → kl
drop → d
drop → dh
drop → dl
expression listdice expression, rest expression list
rest expression listdice expression
rest expression listexpression list
group modifierkeep-drop
group modifiercompare
group modifier → fcompare