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<includeonly><div class="plainlinks" style="display:inline-block;">[{{{1}}}]</div> {{logo}}<sup><sup>(Help Center)</sup></sup></includeonly><noinclude>[[Category:Navigation Templates]]{{documentation}}</noinclude>
<includeonly><div class="plainlinks" style="display:inline-block;">[{{{1}}}]</div> {{logo}}<div style="display: inline-block;"><sup style="display:block; position:relative; left:2px; top: 16px"><sup>&nbsp;Help</sup></sup><sub style="display:block; position:relative; left:2px; top: 1px"><sub>Center</sub></sub></div></includeonly><noinclude>[[Category:Navigation Templates]]{{documentation}}</noinclude>

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for making links to Roll20 Help Center so they dont have the extra lock symbol at the end, but instead says "help center" at the end & displaying the roll20 logo.


Check the Roll20-logo.png
Check the {{zendesk|articles/360037772613-Change-Log Changelog}}