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== Skills, Attributes, and Defences ==
== Skills, Attributes, and Defences ==
== Status ==
== Derived Abilities and Status ==
== Weapons and Powers ==
== Weapons and Powers ==

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You can enter name and other details at the top of the sheet. Some things to be aware of:

  • Home Cosm: this is a dropdown, and will fill in the Axion details. You can edit the axioms (if you have boosted them through Perks, etc), but if you change the home cosm those bonuses will be lost.
  • Total XP: entering an XP total will automatically fill in your Clearance Level. In the next version of the sheet, you'll have a place to enter your advancements and their XP cost, and the Unspent XP will be calculated automatically. For now, it is manual.

Buttons and Headings

Every attribute name, skill name, attack name, and large heading is a button. For skill, attributes, and weapons and powers, they roll and generate an action total.
The roll's output also includes buttons for using UP and Possibilities on that roll.

Each of the Headings on the Abilities page does something when clicked.

Attributes: makes a roll to generate a Bonus, that isn't liked to a skill or attribute. This is perfect for Multi-Actions, where you make a single roll then have to apply it to multiple different skills.

Defences: this makes an Active Defence roll, to generate a bonus you can apply to each of your defences as needed.

Several headings reveal a popup which has some useful options:

Skills: reveals a list of all skills, and you can choose which are visible.

Status: reveals a list of cosms, and you can enter any cosm-specific Possibilities you have acquired. If you have a Living Land Possibility, you can enter it here.

Derived Abilities: the sheet calculates your move, shock, wound, and toughness scores automatically. If you have gained permanent bonuses to those through Perks or other means, you can click this heading to reveal a popup where you can enter those increases.

Perks, Equipment, Weapons and Powers, and Armour: each item in these sections has a place to put a longer description that is hidden by default. You can click the checkbox at the right side to expose it, or you can click the section's Heading to reveal all the hidden sections at once, and click again to hide them all.

Skills, Attributes, and Defences

Derived Abilities and Status

Weapons and Powers