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* [] - homepage
* [] - homepage
* [ Main page for Roll20 Translations] (requires login & access granted by Roll20)
* [ Main page for Roll20 Translations] (requires login & access granted by Roll20)
* [ Knowledge Base]
* [ CrowdIn Knowledge Base]
===Main Tranlation Categories===
===Main Tranlation Categories===

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The Roll20 platform & it's character sheets have partial translations available in 19 languages, most or all which are community-translated.

The language options for Roll201:


  • Afrikaans / Afrikaanse taal
  • Chinese (Traditional) / 繁體中文
  • Czech / Český jazyk
  • Danish / Dansk
  • Dutch / Nederlandse taal
  • French / langue Française
  • German / Deutsche Sprache
  • Greek / ελληνική γλώσσα
  • Hebrew / שפה עברית
  • Italian / Lingua Italiana
  • Japanese / 日本語
  • Korean / 한국어
  • Polish / Język polski
  • Portuguese / Língua portuguesa
  • Russian / русский язык
  • Spanish / lengua española
  • Swedish / svenska
  • Turkish / Türk Dili


If you want to help translate Roll20's menus or character sheets to your language, contact Roll20 through the web form with the option: I am applying to translate Roll20 into another language.


Main page for Roll20's CrowdIn

wiki:CrowdIn is a company Roll20 uses for organizing the internal & crowd-sourced translations of the Platform menus & Character sheets. To gain access to Roll20's translation things, you need a CrowdIn account & requested access from Roll20 to it.

Roll20 usually updates tranlations once a week(Tuesday), taking all the changes suggested through CrowdIn and from GitHub, and combining them into one. Changes submitted through are therefore never updated immediately, but take time until Roll20 have reviewed the changes.

Main Tranlation Categories


  • Character Sheets by Roll20 All the Sheets that are maintained by Roll20 directly, which ahve "by Roll20" n their name
  • Community-created Character Sheets. Almost all sheets are community-created, and only those with "by Roll20" in their name is located in the first section. Sheets maintained by publishers are also found here, such as the sheet created by Evil Hat Productions
  • roll20-editor.json Translation files for the in-game menus and things seen inside a camapign
  • roll20.yml Translation files for the rest of the site, like the forums, marketplace and other menus. Does not include Help Center or Community Wiki

Translation Menu

Tranlsation Menu Overview

  • Center Top: Shows the original version of this word/string. Usually English
  • Center Middle: Where you write the new translation
  • Center Bottom: Shows the current tranlation(if any), and how the same word/string have been translasted in other languages
  • Right Side: Any discussions on translating this word/string, useful for making notes for the future if someone later opens the same word.
  • Left side: Shows the list of word/strings for the section you're viewing at the moment. Instances that have been translated have a green marker next to them, while unltarnlated entires are marked red.


Here is an gif showing how to update the translation of a single word on a community character sheet.(You would of course press the "Save"-button at the end)



This section shows any translation discussions people are having regarding any particular translation, which makes it easier to coordinate with others.

Character Sheet Translation

Character Sheet Translation have info on how to update a character sheet to have translation capabilities, if it previously didn't have them.

If a character sheet already have translation.json files on GitHub and you want to provide an translation to it, Roll20 prefers if you submit them through CrowdIn rather than making a PR to GitHub.

Strongly related to Building Character Sheets