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[[Category:Sheet Author]]
[[Category:Sheet Author]]

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Plays D&D, Star Wars D6, Shadowrun, and interested in Mutants & Masterminds. Created multiple Character Sheets, and contributed to more than I can count.


Character Sheets

I've create, updated, provided translation capabilities, and submitted bugfixes to many Roll20 Character Sheets, and created large parts of the existing documentation for it.


Major Contributions

  • Free Spacer
  • Magical Kittens Save the Day
  • provided ~10 sheets with translation options

ACSI sheet translation tool

GitHubLogo.png is a tool for partially automation the pocess of introducing i18n-language tags to character sheets.

Sublime Text - Roll20 settings for Character Sheet Development

GitHubLogo.png is a collection of settings files for the "Sublime Text" text editor which contains bunch of Roll20-specific HTML/CSS syntax highlights, as well as shorthands automation that creates HTML with several of Roll20 quirks to speed up things.


I've updated the Roll20 Community Wiki quite a lot starting from 2018. This is a general overview of what I've done, and some of the goals.

Check the Wiki Help page for info on how to contribute to

Major Articles Written

General Cleanup

This have amounted to: cleaned up the majority of articles at least once, removed redundant pages, restructured the wiki's categorization, created wiki templates, added/updated images to articles, created redirects to major pages(so they are easier to find, and have shorter wiki URLs, making them easier to link), updated the Wiki Main Page, categorized basically all pages.

Documentation for Character Sheet Creation

I've updated the main Building Character Sheets pretty majorly, and split of a bunch of articles from it when it was getting to large. Also added to CSS Wizardry a bunch of examples.

Some of the major pages created:


  • make nav templates
    • Toolbar
    • macro/Dice Ref/Complete Guide to Macros-pages
    • Pro/Plus Features
    • UDL/LDL
  • template:
    • link to sheet repo , i.e. repo template + sheet repo
    • link to API repo i.e. repo template + API repo
  • more gifs/images in examples
  • pages to cleanup/update:
    • update Token-related pages with new screenshots/gifs
    • update Page Settings stuff, Token update,UDL/LDL images
    • update Translation page with more concrete guide, info on when roll20 updates things
    • API Index cleanup
    • char sheet Index cleanup
    • Complete Guide to Macros & Rolls has lots to improve
  • BCS
    • add more MDN/w3cSchool links
    • split up a CSS page for BCS, apart from CSS Wizardry
    • maybe split up HTML page as well
    • split up Roll20 Char Sheet Repo: when it's updates, types of PRs, closing tickets, etc
    • Full sheet breakdown/example page
    • split up inputs on own page?
    • expand/update Tabs example
  • create pages: