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edit test, can others edit?

test edit, did it work Bob (talk) 14:11, 4 June 2024 (UTC)

This is a test sandbox for editing the wiki, and trying out wiki code and syntax

At the top has useful code snippets that are often used. Wiki Help contains documentation on how to edit the wiki.

bullet test

Roll20 Forum Links:
- Main ScriptCards Thread(Forum)
- ScriptCards Working and Sharing thread(Forum)
GitHub Links:
- ScriptCards Changelog
- ScriptCards API
- ScriptCards Samples

Roll20 Forum Links:

GitHub Links:

  1. asdsad
  2. fdrgdrdg
  3. g33443

Shift -key

{{test|s[[ and other stuff}} s[d }

{{{1}}} use in #tag:nowiki
pre tag
cool stuff
cool stuff

pipe trick: Phoenix


Useful Stuff

frequently used wiki code snippets that can easily be copypasted

<noinclude> {{revdate}} {{main|}} </noinclude> <noinclude> __TOC__ </noinclude> <noinclude> [[Category:]] </noinclude>         transclusion: exclude parts of page from transclusion.
{{code|<nowiki> </nowiki>}}                                                  use this to wrap around tricky code or macros you post on the wiki
{{revdate}}{{HCbox| {{hc|articles/360037772873-API-Debugging Here}} }}
                                                        good template to use for posting blocks of code on the wiki. change the "data-language" to only have the relevant code
<pre data-language="html"> </pre>
<pre data-language="css"> </pre>
<pre data-language="javascript"> </pre>
{{#evp:youtube|KdQg6Fhxg-I|It's a Trap" |right|500}}

=  &#61;           fix for some urls so they dont break templates
(space)  &nbsp;

<code><code></code> <code><nowiki></code> <code><pre></code>                                           html replacements/entities to show tricky stuff
<span> <div> <input type="text">                                         

''' '''                        bold text
'' ''                          italic text
<sup> </sup>                   superscript, small text slightly higher, useful for adding citations
{{tlx|}}                       link to template

{{notebox| }}                  normal textbox with blue border and "i" symbol. the common "mild" notice to use
{{orange| }}                   warning textbox with orange border and "i" symbol, slighty more severe than normal
{{warning| }}                  warning textbox with red border, and "i" symbol in a triangle, to be used sparring for dire warnings 

''Main Page:'' '''[[ ]]'''

[[|right|thumbnail|400px|]]      good default for images, place the "File:imagename.png" before the first "|"

{{user profile|1223200|Andreas J.}}
{{user profile||}}              links to user roll20 profile. place their roll20id in the first section, and then write their name in the second section.

~~~~                           adds a timestamp and your name, quick way to sign your name on something, showing who and when something was written

{{forum|category/18 Character & Compendium Forums}}    forum link without the extra "lock" icon, that links outside the wiki usually gets
{{Repo Sheet}}                                        githublink to char sheet repo showing github logo, great for showing links to stuff on
{{Repo API}}                    
{{bug}}                                            hyperlink to roll20's ticket system

{{pro only|page|section}}         adds a noticebox to the section/page saying this is a pro/plus feature, linking to the plus/pro pages
{{plus only|page|section}}

{{user profile|157788|GiGs}}                              roll20 contributors who have created many of the tips listed on the wiki. for properly crediting people
{{user profile|492849|Coal Powered Puppet}}
{{user profile|162065|Keith Curtis}}
{{user profile|1869955|Kraynic}}
{{user profile|104025|The Aaron}}
{{user profile|459831|Scott C.}}

==Related Pages==
* [[Complete Guide to Macros & Rolls]]
* [[Building Character Sheets]]
* [[Andreas Guide to Sheet Development]]
[[Category:Character Sheet Documentation]]

<div class='diceroller'>                                       you can embed a simplified version of the roll20 diceroller on a page, such as /r 3d6+2

how to create a table grid
{| class="wikitable" style="float:right; margin-left: 10px;margin-right: 60px;"                
| second row
|''' '''
|''' '''

{| role="presentation" class="wikitable mw-collapsible mw-collapsed"
| title
| content

API console results style
maybe useful for code readability?

strike out deleted material

Andreas J. Courtesy of Andreas J.

{{user profile|1223200|Andreas J.}}

char forums(Forum) link no extra icon

{{forum|category/18 char forums}} link no extra icon

easy · creatin · dot

easy{{dot}} creatin{{dot}}dot



does this work , even with text after?

video @roll20app roll20app roll20app witchlight Mysteries Candelkeep marketplace creator Stargate RPG

{{clear}} vs {{clear}}

Sub & Sup text underneath each other: Example
macro that doesn't work
?{Attack|Just roll, /r d20+5|Description, /em swings the sword with a result of [[d20+5]]}

What is token for?

{{token|/r d20+4}}
{{token| [[Journal]]}}
{{compact toc}}

/r d20+4


wiki navbar template

template and stuff on hwo to create Navigation templates for the wiki, that can make it easier to navigate related wiki pages from the top of the page. Example:
The main "Nav" template, which is linked to on pages, Such as {{SidebarNav}}, {{apibox}} or {{NavSheetDoc}}. At the bottom it uses {{apibox bottom}} to close of the Navigation template and make it work, no need to create a new  template each time, so {{apibox bottom}} is fine:

toolbar nav templates
* {{zoom}}
* {{select}}
* {{ruler}}
* {{layers}}
* {{drawing}}
* {{fx tool}}
* {{fow}}
* {{Darkness}}

{{SidebarNav top|{{{1|right}}}}}
* <span style="font-family:Pictos;">q</span> [[Text Chat]]
* <span style="font-family:Pictos;">P</span> [[Art Library]]
* <span style="font-family:Pictos;">N</span> [[Journal]]
* <span style="font-family:Pictos;">y</span> [[Compendium]]
* <span style="font-family:Pictos Custom;">u</span> [[Jukebox]]
* <span style="font-family:Pictos;">l</span> [[Collections]]
* <span style="font-family:Pictos;">y</span> [[My Settings]]
{{apibox bottom}}<noinclude>{{documentation}}[[Category:Navigation Templates]]</noinclude>

The "Nav top" template, that determines the title of the Template:
<includeonly><div style="float: {{{1|right}}}; width: 200px; padding: 5px; border: 1px solid #777; margin: 0 15px 15px 15px; background-color: #efefef;">

<span style="font-size: 1.4em; font-weight: bold;margin-bottom:0px;">[[Sidebar]]</span></includeonly><noinclude>{{documentation}}[[Category:Navigation Templates]]</noinclude>

toolbar nav templates

template to-do

  • pdf link template, shows pdf icon to url
  • DriveThruRPG link template, shows DTrpg icon to url?
  • Helpdesk, Roll20 Blog link templates
  • code+nowiki template for macros, one without linebreak at the end.


char forums(Forum)hopefully no linebreak

char forums(Forum)hopefully no linebreak

image links to a page
 {{api repository link|Foo}} then text

Foo then text

is {{Font color|yellow|this}} yellow

is {{Font color|yellow|this}} yellow 

code alternative BCS

To be or not <mark>tobey</mark> mcguire- someone


/r d20+5

/r d20+4










personal sidebar seems nice, as seen on many Online_Role_Playing:Index pages.

 | navbar = off
 | headingstyle = background-color:#eee;
 | image = [[File:|260px]]
 | navbar = off
 | headingstyle = background-color:#eee;
 | title = the name
 | image = [[File:Us.png|40px]]
 | heading1 = aka nickanme
 | navbar = off
 | headingstyle = background-color:#eee;
 | image = [[File:Twitch.png|40px|link=]][[File:Youtube.png|40px|link=]]