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(Created page with "{{userboxtop | toptext = }} {{Userbox Eastern Time Zone}} {{Userbox Mentor}} {{Userboxbreak}} {{userbox Sheet Auteur}} {{userbox Arcane Scriptomancer}} {{userbox Patron}} {{u...")
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{{userbox Played With|50}}
{{userbox Played With|50}}
{{userbox Played With|100}}
{{userbox Played With|100}}
{{userbox Played With|250}}
{{userbox GM Count|1}}
{{userbox GM Count|1}}
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Lately my RPG tastes tend to favor OSR.
Lately my RPG tastes tend to favor OSR.
05-23-2019 I am currently running an ACKS campaign that has lasted 25+ sessions!
12-24-2019 I am currently running an ACKS campaign that has lasted 50+ sessions!

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Sheet Auteur.png Achievement get! Sheet Auteur
Arcane Scriptomancer.png Achievement get! Arcane Scriptomancer
Artpatron.png Achievement get! Patron of the Arts
Tutorial.png Achievement get! Read the Instructions
Getting to Know You.png Achievement get! Getting to Know You
All Opinions.png Achievement get! All Opinions are Valid
I Know You're Out There.png Achievement get! I Know You're Out There
Never Ending Story.png Achievement get! Never Ending Story
See Me Rollin.png Achievement get! See Me Rollin'
Script Runner.png Achievement get! Script Runner

Bughunter1.png Achievement get! Bughunter

Consecutive3.png Achievement get! Won't You Be My Neighbor?
Consecutive10.png Achievement get! One Of Us

Played10.png Achievement get! Getting Started
Played50.png Achievement get! Warming Up
Played100.png Achievement get! Getting Good
Played250.png Achievement get! Sands of Time
Played1000.png Achievement get! K Club

Playedwith5.png Achievement get! Group Gatherer
Playedwith10.png Achievement get! Socialite
Playedwith25.png Achievement get! Citizen
Playedwith50.png Achievement get! Bureaucrat
Playedwith100.png Achievement get! Representative
Playedwith250.png Achievement get! Senator

GM Count1.png Achievement get! I've Got An Idea
GM Count5.png Achievement get! Friendly Neighborhood GM

Rolled100.png Achievement get! Them Bones
Rolled1000.png Achievement get! Dice Slinger
Rolled5000.png Achievement get! High Roller
Rolled10000.png Achievement get! It's Raining Dice

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30s professional, husband and father, with a keen interest in Tabletop Wargaming and Role Playing Games. I am also into Board Games! I live in VA, USA in the EST timezone.

Lately my RPG tastes tend to favor OSR.
12-24-2019 I am currently running an ACKS campaign that has lasted 50+ sessions!

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