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/r (1d4+4) Whip 8 /r (1d4+4)+(2d6) Whip+Sneak 20 /r (1d4+4)+(2d8) Whip+Flame 24 /r (1d4+4)+(2d6)+(2d8) Whip+Sneak+Flame 36

/r (1d8+5) Rapier 13 /r (1d8+5)+(2d6) Rapier+Sneak 25 /r (1d8+5)+(2d8) Rapier+Flame 29 /r (1d8+5)+(2d6)+(2d8) Rapier+Sneak+Flame 41

/r 2d8+3 Additional Flame 19 /r 2d6+4 Lightning Launcher 16