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Chris "wacksteven" Iannitti is an avid tabletop roleplay gamer and is the host of several shows, using a variety of different gaming systems. He's been using for years and wouldn't have started roleplaying without it!



Chris "wacksteven" Iannitti has been a gamer for his entire life. We're talking way back to the Commodore 64 and early Nintendo days. Eventually, he became an Esports broadcaster for Warcraft 3, Starcraft, Unreal Tournament 2003, Enemy Territory, and Starcraft 2. He's worked with the Team Sportscast Network, Radio Inside the Game, and

In 2013, he saw his first game of the Dragon Age RPG being played. He had never played a tabletop roleplaying game before and felt like he had been missing out for his entire life. Why hadn't he ever played any games like this? Is this what Dungeons and Dragons really is? He tried to find games being played near him, but was unable to make any of the local times people got together for games. He found out about Roll20 and got some of his non-local friends together to start playing and has been playing non-stop ever since.

Featured Games & Editions

Dresden Files RPG
Sixth World a Dungeon World Hack for Shadowrun
D&D (5e)


Live Schedule

Saturday Sunday Various
Title Hexed Edge Runners Roll Your Adventure!
Game System Dresden Files RPG Sixth World (Dungeon World Hack of Shadowrun) D&D (5e)
Time 2pm ET 2pm ET Varied

Appearances on Other Channels

chuky616 Let the Dice Roll!

Show Information


A Dresden Files RPG show focused in the city of Washington, D.C.

Hexed Cast



Edge Runners

A Sixth World (Dungeon World Hack of Shadowrun) located in the city of Portland in 2085.

Edge Runners Cast



Roll Your Adventure!

A completely randomized Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition show with rotating cast. Wacksteven DM's a randomized campaign and the players play randomized characters to hilarious results.

Roll Your Adventure! Cast



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Dungeon Buddies Fantasy Tokens - Wizards and Bards
Dungeon Buddies Fantasy Tokens - Paladins and Clerics
Dungeon Buddies Fantasy Tokens - Rangers and Druids
Dungeon Buddies Fantasy Tokens - Villagers and Merchants

Dungeon Buddies Fantasy Tokens - Monster Pack One

Dungeon Buddies Fantasy Tokens - Monster Pack Two
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