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The Aaron

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The Aaron is an active and longstanding Roll20 community member, Forum Champion, and prolific API Author.

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The Aaron, Arcane Scriptomancer

"While wizards may learn to bend magic to their will, the Scriptomancer alone understands the language of the gods, in which the very building blocks of the world are written. Wielding both his esoteric knowledge and the hammer of the Ay'p Eye, The Aaron reshapes the world at its most fundamental level, producing results that benefit the common man; though their workings may be beyond mortal comprehension." - Quote from PaulOoshun(Forum)

Support my work on Patreon or

If you use my scripts, want to contribute, and have the spare bucks to do so, go right ahead. However, please don't feel like you must contribute just to use them! I'd much rather have happy Roll20 users armed with my scripts than people not using them out of some sense of shame. Use them and be happy, completely guilt-free!

Disclaimer: These Patreon campaigns and links are not affiliated with Roll20; as such, contributions are voluntary and Roll20 cannot provide support or refunds for contributions.


API Scripts

The Aaron have created a massive amount of API scripts, of which 56 are in the API one-click menu, and other smaller, one-off scripts written on the fly for smaller things, can be found scattered through the Roll20 Forums.

Popular APIs/Highlights:

  • Tokens
    • TokenMod
    • Bump(Forum) -- provides a way to invisibly manipulate tokens on the GM Layer from the Objects Layer, and vice versa
    • TokenNameNumber -- Automatic numbering of tokens with special placeholder.
    • TokenCondition(Forum) -- Easily add full Token Condition Images to Character and Monster Tokens.
  • Combat/Characters
    • GroupInitiative
    • Ammo update characters ammo count
    • AddCustomTurn(Forum) -- An easy way to add (and remove) custom turns which increment or decrement, and have auto delete features.
    • PlayerCharacters(Forum) -- List all Player Characters divided by Player for the GM, or all assigned Characters for a Player. Add Characters for GM and Players
    • TurnMarker1 -- provides a visual marker to show which token's turn it is & centers map on them.
  • Map/Dynamic Lighting
    • Walls – Builds dynamic lighting walls based on imported .svg file
    • UDLWindows(Forum) – create/convert Dynamic Lighting walls that are see-through, but blocks movement.
    • UDLPasswall(Forum) – Walls that block sight, but not movement!
    • UniversalVTTImporter -- Import .dd2vtt files to create Dynamic Lighting Lines and Lights!
    • DryErase(Forum) – An API that can stop players from drawing on the map, deleting any drawing instantly.
  • API:Short Community Scripts

Misc API threads

  • Calendar (Mystara) -- Currently just supports the Mystara Calendar (12 months, 12 days, etc), but I play to expand it to be a more universal campaign calendar, including annotation of dates, personal notes, tracking the passage of time, etc.
  • isGM -- Provides a function isGM() for determining if a player id refers to a gm. Unlike other solutions, this one builds it GM list automatically by detection via chat messages. The first time a player speaks as themselves, they are detected as being either a GM or a Player, and that determination is stored in the state object. This is native functionality with the playerIsGM() function now.