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The Roll20 Community Wiki( is intended to serve as a community resource for help and documentation of the platform, as well as tips and tricks for best using Roll20 with your tabletop games. We welcome community contributions and would love for you to help us create the best resource we can for your fellow Roll20 users!

See the Roll20 Help Center for Official Documentation.(that may or may not have more/better info than the Community Wiki) If the Official documentation have errors/mistakes, remember to Contact Roll20.

Wiki Statistics
Total # of Articles 687
Total # of Files 1,687
Total # of Edits 37,211
Total # of Pageviews 66,482,256



If you want to contribute to the wiki, see Help:Contents for more info.

old wiki notes
As of January 16, 2015, there are:
* 484 wanted pages, the vast majority of which are from links in default wikimedia content, or automatically generated from templates (eg, /sandbox and /testcases subpages of a template with {{tl|documentation}})
* 179 long pages
* 179 short pages
* 83 uncategorized files
* 80 dead-end pages
* 28 unused files (several caused by the deletion of [[Script:Custom Power Cards]])
* 27 orphaned pages
* 9 unused templates, one of which is marked as a candidate for deletion, 5 are used in the article deletion process, and 2 are caused by errors
* 7 wanted categories
* 4 uncategorized pages, three of which I do not have permissions to edit and therefore cannot categorize
* 3 unused categories, although two ought to be empty, and the third is the target of a soft redirect which contains pages I can't edit
* 1 uncategorized category ([[:Category:Docs]]), which I do not have permissions to edit and therefore cannot categorize
* 1 broken redirects, although the target should be re-created eventually
* 0 wanted templates
* 0 uncategorized templates
* 0 wanted files (plus 39 links to a redirected file name)
* 0 double redirects 

Help Center vs. Community Wiki, which has better info?

In most cases, it's a good idea to check both the Help Center and the Community Wiki pages for information, as it's not clean-cut which one has better info.

The Help Center has the official documentation, but the Community Wiki is updated by the community, so many wiki pages are more accurate, detailed & more frequently updated than the Help Center-equivalents.

Known quirks, common first-timer mistakes, or bugs are more likely to be addressed on the Wiki page than the Help Center-equivalents.

  • The Community Wiki have greater variance on content, but due to community user updating & creating various pages & articles
    • All pages related to Building Character Sheets are vastly more complete and numerous than on the Help Center, and the community keeps adding more example and expand on it as times go by.
    • Complete Macro Guide & the related pages has better info on making macros the the Help Center pages
    • Community Wiki versions of some pages that also exists on the Help Center might contain more practical info or pointers, or be more up to date than the
    • (Updated) Dynamic Lighting & Dynamic Lighting has more collected info on the topic than the Help Center
    • There are many aspects of Roll20 that only have pages on the Community Wiki, such as for GM and players, lists for
      info and
      info subscriptions,
    • community wiki pages often contains info on known issues with specific features that might not be covered on the Help Center. Such as the D&D 5E by Roll20-page having a Known Issues and a Recent Updates-section.
  • The Help Center usually have fairly comprehensive & up-to-date pages for newer features, while pages for older existing features might not always have been updated with info on older features.


The Roll20 Wiki was unveiled in April , 2013, and had a section dedicated to Official documentation(Docs), and user submitted content (Tips, Games, & Guides-categories)

In early 2020, the Roll20 Wiki was changed into being the Community Wiki for the users, as Roll20 migrated their official documentation to the Help Center. Many Core pages on the Community Wiki links to the corresponding Help Center page.

Sometime Late 2020/Early 2021, all of the links to the Community Wiki on the main site, where updated to say "Community Wiki". Until then, any links had still called it just "Wiki", creating some confusion between the distinction between Help Center and the Community Wiki.

In Sept.-Oct. 2021, Andreas J. restructured & updated the looks of the wiki.