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D&D 5E by Roll20/Mobile Sheet

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Main Page: D&D 5E by Roll20

The mobile app & the 5E mobile sheet is under development, and doesn't have all the features of the main sheet.


  • Official documentation
  • Ability, Skill, & Save Checks rolled and displayed on mobile
  • Roll Initiative(show on phone)
  • Roll Attacks(Weapons & Spells) - doesn't show results on phone
  • Spells
    • track spell slot use (seems to be delay)
  • Traits & Feats
    • See names & source for each(open/close description might not work)
    • send feature or trait's description to VTT chat
  • Resources & Tools Tab
    • Contains Resources, Tool Proficiencies, Custom Skills, Other Proficiencies, and Languages.
  • Health and Death Tab
    • Contains Hit Points, Hit Dice, and Death Saves.
  • Inventory Tab
    • Contains Money and Equipment

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