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This is the instruction page for the official Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition character sheet.

LevelUp5e sheet

The sheet stores all the information you should generally need for a Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition character.


Most fields are free to enter in, some have drop-downs, some are auto calculated.

  1. Choose a name
  2. Class, Level & Archtype - Click Add - this will allow you to add/choose a class and archtype. Every standard Class is available in the drop down, as is every archtype. Entering in your level will automatically calculate the Proficiency Bonus.
  3. Ability Scores - entering these in will automatically the ability modifier
  4. Saves - by checking the Prof it will add the Proficiency Bonus to the Ability Score modifier for the Save total. Clicking the Dice will automatically roll a Save.
  5. Destiny - choosing one of the destiny's from the drop-down will auto-fill in the Source of Inspiration, Inspiration Feature and Fulfillment Feature.
  6. Passive Stealth. Insight, Perception are auto filled in depending on whether the proficiency check box is selected.
  7. Jack of All trades - When this is selected 1/2 your proficiency bonus (rounded down) will be added to all skill rolls you are not proficient in.
  8. Expertise dice - these can be selected from the drop-down. They are automatically added to the skill dice rolls and upgraded if a specialty is used.
  9. Attacks and Spell casting - fill in all the Att Bonus, Damage, Type and any notes.. all these will be used by the Dice Roller. Any missing may mean the dice roller doesn't work
  10. Features Tab - Maneuver Save DC and Exertion points are auto calculated.
  11. Equipment Tab - Total WT is auto calculated from the wt of all your equipment.
  12. Spell Tab - Spell Save DC and Spell Attack Bonus is auto calculated
  13. Spell Tab - Known, Slots, Expends are not auto calculated, but can be freely edited.