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Mod Scripts Major Update 2024

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The Mod Scripts Major Update 2024 was a large update to Mod Scripts sprearheaded by The Aaron, giving more access for mods to different parts of Roll20, along with improving their performance.

The update was made available as opt-in on a per-game basis on April 25th.


  1. Go to a game's "Mod Script"-page, and scroll down until you see API Sandbox Version( or "Mod Sandbox Version"), and a dropdown menu.
  2. Switch it from "Default" to "Experimental".

See these comments for additional info on the experimental version.


full list of changes(Forum)

Summary of the changes:

  • Better Mod Output Console messages
    • Whenever possible, output messages will now list one or more context objects.
  • jQuery access
  • Functions:
    • new function: toAbove(obj,target), toBelow(obj,target) (to place object just above/below other object)
    • faster: toFront(obj), toBack(obj)
    • updated: findObjs(properties, options)
    • bugfix: spawnFxBetweenPoints(point1, point2, type, pageid)
  • Objects:
    • Individual Roll20 Objects now have more capabilities.
    • now support a property of .type, similar to existing .id.
    • new objects: pageFolder
    • objects with new properties and/or new functions: campaign, page, graphic, character, handout, card, rollabletable, path, text