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Script:Dice Roller (Edge of the Empire)

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API ScriptAuthor: Konrad J., Steve Day, Aaron C. M., Andrew H., Tom F.
Version: 2.6
Last Modified: 2015-04-15
Code: EotE Dice Roller
Dependencies: None
Conflicts: None

A Dice roller for the Edge of the Empire/Age of Rebellion/Force and Destiny Roleplaying Game


API Chat Commands

  • Settings:
    • Log
      • default: 'on' and 'single'
      • Description: Sets the visual output in the chat window for the dice rolls
      • Command: !eed log on|off|multi|single
    • Debug
      • default: 'off'
      • Description: Sets the logging level of the script in the API console. If you are having issues with the script rolling incorrect dice, turn on debug logging and post the result in the forums. No need to restart the script with this command.
      • Command: !eed debug on|off
    • Graphics
      • default: 'on' and 'm'
      • Description: Sets chat window dice output as graphic, small, medium, or large if "on" or as text if "off"
      • Command: !eed graphics on|off|s|m|l
    • Test
      • Description: Output every side of every die to the chat window
      • !eed test
    • Roll:
      • Label
      • default: null
      • Description: set the skill name of the roll
      • Command: !eed label(Name of Skill)
    • Initiative
      • default: false
      • Description: Set NPC/PC initiative true
      • Command: !eed npcinit or pcinit and #b #g #y #blk #p #r #w
    • Skill
      • default:
      • Description: create the ability and proficiency dice for a skill check
      • Command: !eed skill(char_value|skill_value)
    • Opposed
      • default:
      • Description: create the difficulty and challenge dice for an opposed skill check
      • Command: !eed opposed(char_value|skill_value)
    • Dice
      • default:
      • Description: Loop thru the dice and adds or subtracts them from the dice object
      • Command: !eed #g #y #b #blk #r #p #w #s #a
    • Upgrade
      • default:
      • Description: upgrades ability and difficulty dice
      • Command: !eed upgrade(ability|#) or upgrade(difficulty|#)
    • Downgrade
      • default:
      • Description: downgrades proficiency and challenge dice
      • Command: !eed downgrade(proficiency|#) or downgrade(challenge|#)


v2.6 (2015-04-15)

  • Added debug logging to API console.
  • Extra dice will be added automatically when weapons are damaged
  • Negative dice can now be used in the character sheet.

EXAMPLE If the GM has 2 setback dice in the GMPool, the player can put -1blk in the dice text box, or -1 in the players dicepool and the script will do the subtraction for you.

v2.5 (2015-02-13)

  • Release