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Script:The Darkness is Closing In

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API ScriptAuthor: Riley Dutton
Version: 1.1
Last Modified: 2015-01-06
Code: The Darkness is Closing In
Dependencies: None
Conflicts: None

The Darkness is Closing In reduces the light radius of a token by 10% every time that token moves. Great for simulating "lamps running out of oil" or similar high-stress situations.

Installation and Configuration

Copy the script's code, available from the menu on the right and stored at Roll20's API GitHub Repository. Paste the code into a new script in your campaign's API Script Editor. Save the new script and it will be available inside your campaign.

Script Use

This script was created as an example. It is always active and doesn't work well without custom triggers.


v1.1 (2015-01-06)

  • Release