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Script:Tracker Jacker

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Tracker Jacker was the name of a very old Roll20 API, but have since been renamed, changed, and inspired new APIs:

Successors to Tracker Jacker

Related APIs

There are a number of API Scripts that improves the handling of the t Turn Tracker and Initiative in general.

  • GroupInitiative -- Adds the selected tokens to the turn order after rolling their initiative + configurable data. Also has commands for open/close/reset Turn Tracker.
  • TurnMarker1 -- provides a visual marker to show which token's turn it is & centers map on them.
  • CombatMaster(Forum) -- API for improving various aspects of combat. Automating condition duration in combat, Initiative improvement, and more. Version of CombatMaster in API Drowdown might not be latest version, check thread/CombatMaster repo for latest version.
  • InitiativeTrackerPlus -- Initiative and effect tracker with other features.
  • Script:RoundMaster
  • More APIs: API:Script Index - Combat