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API Script Author: Ken L.
Version: 1.07
Last Modified: 2015-08-31
Code: TrackerJacker
Dependencies: None
Conflicts: Unknown

TrackerJacker is a cousin to TurnMarker made by The Aaron. Its logic however is quite different, and more rigid in function to simplify the most common use-cases.

Like TurnMarker, it uses a graphic image that follows beneath tokens to indicate who's turn it is. The only animation TrackerJacker supports is the spinning graphic which is on by default (to disable it you'd need to edit a simple script flag).

The real function however of TrackerJacker' is to track statuses and durations with an easily accessible graphical interface that's intuitive.


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v1.07 (2015-09-23)

  • Added: ability for players to add their own statuses to tokens they control (it's not possible for tokens they don't control without a large support structure). Uses the same syntax.
  • Added: ability to have secret hidden statuses on any token. Whenever a status is not assigned a marker, it's considered 'hidden'. Note that you can't currently assign an empty parameter for markers when editing, only on creating a new status and or applying a favorite that has no marker.
  • Fixed: a rare issue with findCurrentToken where it would attempt to pull an element from an empty turn order.
  • Fixed: a rare issue with updateAllTokenMarkers where the received token status string is undefined.

v1.01 (2015-08-31)

  • Fixed: !tj -reset not performing as expected.
  • Added: ability for !eot to work for the GM while the tracker is active.
  • Added: ability for the tracker graphic to follow the token as it switches between the GM and token layers.

v1.00 (2015-08-30)

  • Release