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Script:Turn Marker

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API ScriptAuthor: Aaron C. M.
Version: 1.22
Last Modified: 2015-02-01
Code: TurnMarker1
Dependencies: None
Conflicts: None

Round counter and a moving marker that shows who's turn it is.

I started off using Honey Badger's Initiative highlight script but wanted some different behavior. Along with requests and suggestions from Jarret B., it has grown into quite a bit of script.


  • Automatic creation of marker token if not already present on the page.
  • Scaling of marker to show up even under opaque square tokens.
  • Marker follows token with current turn if moved.
  • Automatic adding of Round marker to initiative order.
  • Round announce in chat. [Optional]
  • Announcement of tokens ending their turns and tokens beginning their turn. [Optional]
  • Player name whose turn it is in turn announcement. [Optional]
  • Automatic skipping of hidden token's turns. [Optional]
  • Marker is hidden for hidden token's turns. (if not auto-skipped)
  • Automatically hides the marker when the Turn Order box is closed.
  • Turn marker animations [Optional]
  • Spinning marker [Optional]
  • Pulsing aura 1 on marker [Optional]
  • Pulsing aura 2 on marker (different phase) [Optional]
  •  !eot command to advance the turn order, but only if the player controls the current token or is a GM.
  •  !tm command usable by GM only to configure TurnMarker.


v1.24 ( -- )

  • Fixed crash with custom turnorder entries when advancing the turn order with !eot.

v1.23 ( -- )

  • Fixed crash because of manually emptying the turnorder before closing it, Take 2!

v1.22 ( -- )

  • Fixed crash because of manually emptying the turnorder before closing it.

v1.21 ( -- )

  • Fixed crash in other scripts because of adding properties to the Array Prototype!

v1.20 ( -- )

  • Fixed startup crash in a brand new campaign due to turnorder being instead of [].

v1.19 ( -- )

  • Update checking for isGM in the on('ready',...).

v1.18 ( -- )

  • Added support to call Reset() on my Mark script if you're using it.

v1.17 ( -- )

  • Fixed crash bug when announce-player is on, but the token with the turn has no player controlling it.