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Script:What Did He Say

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API ScriptAuthor: Roger A.
Version: 2.0
Last Modified: 2014-10-11
Code: What Did He Say?
Dependencies: None
Conflicts: None

What Did He Say? allows users to convert things they type into gibberish for characters who don't speak the language the player is speaking as.


!<language> <message>

S → !language message
language → aboleth
language → abyssal
language → aklo
language → aquan
language → auran
language → boggard
language → celestial
language → cyclops
language → draconic
language → drow
language → druidic
language → dwarven
language → elven
language → giant
language → gnoll
language → gnome
language → goblin
language → halfling
language → ignan
language → infernal
language → orc
language → protean
language → sphinx
language → sylvan
language → tengu
language → terran
language → treant
language → undercommon

Parameter Values
language The language to speak. See Supported Languages below for a full list of options.
message The message to send. Players with control over the language's character sheet will see the original message, while everyone else only sees the gibberish.

Supported Languages

The following languages are available to this script. The campaign should have a character with each of the following names, in order to support players understanding the messages being sent:

  • aboleth
  • abyssal
  • aklo
  • aquan
  • auran
  • boggard
  • celestial
  • cyclops
  • draconic
  • drow
  • druidic
  • dwarven
  • elven
  • giant
  • gnoll
  • gnome
  • goblin
  • halfling
  • ignan
  • infernal
  • orc
  • protean
  • sphinx
  • sylvan
  • tengu
  • terran
  • treant
  • undercommon


v2.0 (2014-10-11)

  • Release