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Stephen L.

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Stephen Lindberg is a Marketplace Creator, Sheet Author, and API Author. Responsible for a number of popular API such as It's A Trap! and .

If you enjoy using these scripts/sheets in your games and would like to show your appreciation for the work he put into them, please consider buying some of !


Description from his Roll20 profile page & :
I'm a software engineer, artist, and a hobbyist computer game developer.
I also enjoy creating scripts for the Roll 20 API for everyone to use, including the scripts It's A Trap!, Custom FX, World Map Discover, and more. I've also made some Roll 20 character sheets for Gamma World and Tails of Equestria.
As a multiclass pixel wizard and arcane scriptomancer, I write API scripts, character sheets, AND sometimes make art for the marketplace!
I'm more active in the Roll20 community writing and maintaining API scripts including It's A Trap, Custom Status Markers, Areas of Effect, Hexploration, Path Splitter, and many more. If you enjoy using these scripts in your games and would like to show your appreciation for the work I put into them, please consider buying some of my cartoonish marketplace assets!
Pronouns: he/him
Timezone: EST (UTC-5:00)

API Scripts

List of APIs created by Stephen. GitHubLogo.png
  • It's A Trap! -- Automating Traps for your games. Exists as a generic version, along with several versions designed to work with specific Game Systems/Characters Sheets.
  • -- API create and assigns character sheets to new people who join a game
  • -- Allows tokens to "carry" and move other tokens, like dragging other characters or moving items.
  • Marching Order -- Makes tokens follow each other in some specified order.
  • -- allows players to examine nearby objects(tokens) and learn more information about them by having a message appear in the chat. Can be set up with system-specific properties, such as automated Investigation skill checks that reveal more information based on the rolled result. GitHubLogo.png
  • -- allows players to "raise their hand" to get GM's attention witha simple button that makes the players character flash.
  • GitHubLogo.png
  • GitHubLogo.png -- allows you to assign special FX to appear on a token when status markers are turned on.
  • GitHubLogo.png -- allows GMs to set up environmental special effects for their maps by producing customizable, randomly distributed fx over some area.
  • GitHubLogo.png
  • Custom Status Markers
  • GitHubLogo.png -- It lets you create graphical areas of effect for various spells and other powers, and then your players can create these effects by drawing lines specifying their range, origin, and angle. Areas of effect can be created from any graphic that you have uploaded to your library.
  • GitHubLogo.png -- This script allows players to split up a polygonal path by drawing another polygonal path on top of it. The original path is split up where it intersects the splitting path. This script also supports scaled and rotated paths
  • GitHubLogo.png -- allows the GM to dynamically create radioactive areas in their maps. Characters that have Geiger counters will be alerted how many rads they are taking.
  • GitHubLogo.png -- can set up a token to display an interactive Fallout-like terminal in the chat.
  • API libraries(that other APIs rely on)
    • Script:Vector Math -- A library for detecting collisions among tokens during movement.
    • Script:Token Collisions -- A library for vector mathematics.
    • GitHubLogo.png -- provides some mathematical operations involving Paths.
    • GitHubLogo.png -- provides a collection of utility functions for reading and writing attributes(normal & repeating sections) from a character sheet
    • HtmlBuilder -- library for constructing stylized HTML strings
    • GitHubLogo.png -- provides a library of matrix mathematical operations for linear algebra and 2D affine transformations.

Character Sheets

Char Sheets created: