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サイドバー サイドバーは縁にあるボタンをタップして表示/非表示を切り替えられます。

右クリックメニュー タブレットに「右クリック」メニューはないため、トークンのアドバンスドメニューを表示するには、トークンをタップしたまま半分ほどドラッグして指を離します。アドバンスドメニューがポップアップ表示されて、使うことができるようになります。

Panning vs Selecting One finger is used for selecting and manipulating (moving, resizing, etc.) tokens on the tabletop. If you single-tap and hold on a blank area, you will perform a ping. Single-tap and hold on a token to bring up the advanced menu.

Tap with two or more fingers at once, then drag to pan around the tabletop.

Remember to hide the keyboard Mobile browsers have a tendency to show the keyboard as often as possible, which can make it hard to scroll and move around the screen. Remember that there is often a button on the keyboard which will hide it manually so that you can get your screen real estate back.

Sound and music limitations There is currently a limitation in the Safari Mobile browser which will only allow it to play one sound a time. This means that you can only play one jukebox track at once.

Video Chat is Unsupported Mobile browsers don't currently support Flash or WebRTC, so it is currently not possible to use video chat while you are playing in Roll20. You may use Skype mobile (with your desktop counterparts using Skype for desktop) to have a voice chat going while you are using the mobile browser, though.