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{{mbox | text = '''Note:''' 3D Dice rolls are insured by our Roll20 '''[[QuantumRoll]]''' dice engine.}}
{{mbox | text = '''Note:''' 3D Dice rolls are insured by our Roll20 '''[[QuantumRoll]]''' dice engine.}}
== Video Overview ==
== Video Overview ==

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In addition to standard rolling (which returns results instantly based on a random number generator), Roll20 also features the ability to roll 3D Dice. When you enable this feature, anytime you perform a roll (including rolls in macros), a real-time 3D physics simulation will be shown to you, and the results of the simulation will be used to determine the results of the dice roll.


Video Overview

Here's a quick video showing an overview of how 3D Dice work in Roll20:

3D Dice Overview

Enabling 3D Dice

By default, 3D Dice are disabled. To enable this feature, go to the My Settings tab in the Sidebar. After the Master Music Volume Level Slider is a series of feature checkboxes, you will find a checkbox allowing you to "Enable 3D Dice."

Note that if your computer doesn't meet the minimum requirements to show 3D Dice (e.g. your browser or graphics card do not support WebGL technology), you will receive a warning message letting you know that it can't be turned on.

After 3D Dice have been enabled, all dice rolls you perform that use the standard d4, d6, d8, d10, d12 and d20 dice will be shown in 3D.

To disable 3D Dice, just uncheck the same checkbox.

3D Dice Color

The color of the dice you roll is determined by your player color. You can set your player color by clicking the color swatch to the right of your name across the bottom of the Roll20 window.

Viewing Other Player's Rolls

In addition to your own rolls, if have 3D Dice enabled, any other players who also have the feature enabled will see your rolls in real-time as you perform them, and you will see theirs as well.