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Please report issues and post suggestions in this [ Forum Thread].
Please report issues and post suggestions in this [ Forum Thread].
== Macros ==
== Example Macros ==
==== Prompts for Ability score, Focus bonus and TN ====
==== Prompts for Ability score, Focus bonus and TN ====
<pre>&{template:default} {{name=Test}}{{Roll=[[1d6cs>7cf<0]] [[1d6cs>7cf<0]] [[1d6cs>1cf<6]]}}
<pre>&{template:default} {{name=Test}}{{Roll=[[1d6cs>7cf<0]] [[1d6cs>7cf<0]] [[1d6cs>1cf<6]]}}
Line 41: Line 41:
<pre>&{template:default} {{name=@{selected|character_name} : Test}}{{Roll=[[1d6cs>7cf<0]] [[1d6cs>7cf<0]] [[1d6cs>1cf<6]]}}
<pre>&{template:default} {{name=@{selected|character_name} : Test}}{{Roll=[[1d6cs>7cf<0]] [[1d6cs>7cf<0]] [[1d6cs>1cf<6]]}}
{{Communication=+ [[@{selected|communication}]]}}{{Focus=+ [[?{Focus bonus|0}]]}}</pre>
{{Communication=+ [[@{selected|communication}]]}}{{Focus=+ [[?{Focus bonus|0}]]}}</pre>

Revision as of 21:08, 7 May 2020


This sheet currently supports following games using the AGE System:

  • Dragon Age
  • Fantasy AGE
  • Titansgrave
  • Blue Rose
  • The Expanse

The sheet can in some form be used for other AGE system games like Modern AGE, Lazarus and Threefold, but some attributes might be missing or have a different name. See Feature Requests for more info.

The sheet has a companion API named TotalRolled for AGE ,that auto-calculates stunt points and TN success/failure. It is accessible in the Roll20 API Library dropdown.

The unified AGE System sheet was created by Olivier in 2017, and in Dec 2019- Jan 2020, "The Expanse" was added with a few fixes.



  • Supports varying focus bonuses (0, 2, 3, etc.). Add the focuses on the Focuses tab and they will appear on the Character tab automatically. There must be a number entered for each focus, even 0 or the button for the focus will not work.
  • Click on an ability name to roll for a test without any focus.
  • Shows a shorter list of Powers and Spells on the main tab (Character) for easy viewing and rolling for spells. It is possible to hide those two boxes.
  • Supports all AGE System games. To change, go to the cog tab and select the game in the drop-down menu. This needs to be changed for every sheet. The default is Dragon Age.
  • Most data is shared between game systems so it should be easy to switch if needed.
  • Supports changing colors, per character sheet. The default color is black. In the cog tab, you can change the colors of the dice buttons and section headers. If anyone wants new colors, send me the HTML code and I can add it.
  • Supports translations. Please tell me if words or phrases don't fit properly.


TotalRolled for AGE is a fork of TotalRolled adapted for this sheet. Because it uses the default template, it should also work for other sheets as long as it respects the format.


  • Until the end of 2017, a tab called Old will display the information from the older sheets. While many attributes will transfer automatically, others will need to be copied and pasted into the new sheet.(Note - April 2020: It's possible this change was never done)
  • To change to the new sheet, go to your Game page, then Settings > Game settings and select AGE System in the list. If you are worried about losing data, you can make a copy of your game beforehand (Settings > Copy Game).

Issues and suggestions

Please report issues and post suggestions in this Forum Thread.

Example Macros

Prompts for Ability score, Focus bonus and TN

&{template:default} {{name=Test}}{{Roll=[[1d6cs>7cf<0]] [[1d6cs>7cf<0]] [[1d6cs>1cf<6]]}}
{{Ability=+ [[?{Ability score|0}]]}}{{Focus=+ [[?{Focus bonus|0}]]}}{{TN=?{TN|10}}}

Use selected character's Communication score and prompts for Focus bonus

&{template:default} {{name=@{selected|character_name} : Test}}{{Roll=[[1d6cs>7cf<0]] [[1d6cs>7cf<0]] [[1d6cs>1cf<6]]}}
{{Communication=+ [[@{selected|communication}]]}}{{Focus=+ [[?{Focus bonus|0}]]}}


Feature requests

There are a number of features requested for the sheet that can be seen in this forum comment.

  • Add Modern AGE, Threefold, Lazarus-sheet options
    • Missing stats for The Expanse/Modern AGE/Lazarus/Threefold:
    • Toughness
    • Penalty (for Armor)
    • Kanna (For Threefold)
    • Health (Fortune is only for The Expanse)
    • Resources Instead of Gold, Silver and Copper (this is a test trait, 3d6 + Resources score vs. Cost)
    • Ancestry (Threefold – belongs with Age, gender etc.)
    • Family/Allegiance (Lazarus – belongs with Age, gender etc.)

See Also