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API:Function documentation/Roll20 object

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Roll20 objects are a special kind of JavaScript object. They represent something in your campaign, such as a token on the tabletop or a character in the journal, and there is some special consideration for using them. Extended Syntax Roll20 Objects is an API script which modifies how you can interact with Roll20 objects.


Roll20 object fields

Property Description
id This property is shorthand for obj.get('id').


This field is shorthand for obj.get('id'). All Roll20 objects have a _id property which uniquely identifies them within a campaign, but their properties are not directly accessible. Normally you have you call get in order to get the value of a property, but because _id is needed on such a frequent basis, this shim filed is provided for convenience.

Roll20 object functions

Return type Function Description
varies get Gets the value of a specified property.
remove Deletes the Roll20 object.
set Sets one or more specified property values.