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Board games

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You can use Roll20 for Boardgames, even if it's more aimed towards TTRPGs. here are some ideas & suggestions.


Quick to start

  • Any Common Card Games using the standard 52-53 card deck
    • By default, all games gets created with a standard Card Deck.
  • Checkers
    • Just set the grid to visible, and create tokens of two different colors, and assign control of each color to the corresponding player.
  • Chess -- Get tokens from marketplace or somewhere
  • Royal Game of Ur(Market)
  • Ghost Court(Market)


The Board Games(Market)-category have plenty of games & artwork to play classic or even some newer, boardgames.

Boardgame Guides

Once there is a game-specific guide please add the link in here.

General comments

If there are any general comments about using Roll20 for board game play then it can go here, or a link to somewhere else if more relevant.

Other Suggestions

See Also