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Ci-dessous se trouve une résumé des correctifs de Roll20, avec le lien vers le sujet de journal des modification pour chacun d'eux.


25 Juin, 2014

Un petit patch qui inclue

  • De nouvelles caractéristiques de zoom
  • L'amélioration du téléchargement des images
  • L'ajout d'une nouvelle fonctionnalité dans la crypte
  • Amélioration sur les recherche de parties

Le journal des modifications est ici (anglais): [1]

28 Mai, 2014

Historique, Notre deuxième mise à jour majeure pour la plateforme Roll20. Il y a trop de choses à dire ici, mais le principal inclue :

  • Le QuantumRoll, notre nouveau "véritable" générateur de nombres aléatoire pour le lancer de dés
  • Les feuilles de personnage
  • L'amélioration des serveurs
  • L'amélioration de la vidéo et du chat vocal
  • ...Et un paquet d'autres choses (incluant des centaines d'ajustements et de résolutions de bugs).

Retrouvez tous les détails sur ce post:, and the official full changelog on the forums:

20 Janvier, 2014

Une petite mise à jour qui résout quelques problèmes persistents relancé robuste et qui améliore l'organisation et le rendu des éléments sur la table de jeu.

  • Les pions qui ont "a la vision" sont maintenant dessiné au dessus de tout le reste, empêchant la limitation des angles de vue du champ de vision de cacher le pion.
  • Pings and Measurements are now drawn on top of everything else as well, allowing GMs and Players to point out things on the tabletop even if they're hidden to the players.
  • Pings, measurements, and waypoints now no longer appear to players if they are done on the GM Layer.
  • A "GM Notes" field was added to the Handouts
  • Better proxying of external (web search) images.

Full changelog

December 16, 2013

Rugged Reroll, Roll20's larget update to-date. Short summary:

  • Improved performance of large map rendering
  • Added Field of View, and Line of Sight
  • Improved built in voice chat
  • Added Token Actions, Target Variables, Target Abilities
  • Added Waypoints system for token movement and measurement
  • Added Linkable Journal entries
  • Changes to Campaign Management, and ability to make campaigns public (mentor only)
  • Added ability to place players on different maps
  • Updates to API (mentor only)
  • New special FX engine (mentor only)

Full Changelog

August 6, 2013

  • Introduced Status Effect Icons, over 50 icons to use to keep track of status effects and other information about your tokens
  • Introduced Roll Queries, a way to gather information to use in a roll or macro on a per-use basis
  • New token display settings to determine where (top, bottom, etc.) status effect markers should be shown, and customize the color of token bars for your Campaign
  • A new Deal to Initiative feature, very useful for games such as Savage Worlds which use card-based drawing to determine turn order. Matching new turn order sorting option to sort by card/suit.
  • Inline roll highlighting of crits/fumbles
  • Shadows for 3D Dice
  • New improvements to communication on the site, including PM archiving and editing and a Dismiss All Notifications button

Full Changelog

July 16, 2013

  • Introduced the Transmogrifier, a tool to help GMs share resources between their campaigns
  • Introduced Inline Rolls, a new roll tool which has more compact results and can be used to do "sub-rolls" inside of other rolls
  • Added floor() and ceil() functions for use in rolls
  • Fixed crashes relating to the 3D Dice system
  • Enabled Rollable Tables for ALL users (including Base/Free accounts)
  • Added chat history clearing options

Full Changelog

June 25, 2013

  • Usability improvements to the Character editor, tokens, macro quick bar, etc.
  • Group rotation and scaling added
  • WebRTC trial underway to test new video chat implementation

Full Changelog

June 6, 2013

  • Small update focused primarily on improving lost connection detection

Full Changelog

June 4, 2013

  • Modules (collections of maps, tokens, sounds, characters, and handouts which are pre-generated and made into a Roll20 Campaign) were introduced. One free and one paid module were available at launch.
  • The Roll20 API was enabled on the Main Server for Mentor users.

Full Changelog

May 14, 2013

  • Card decks were improved, with additional options for how cards are played to the tabletop, new hand management display, and a discard pile.
  • The API was further improved, including state object persistence between play sessions and the ability to create new objects

Full Changelog

April 30, 2013

  • The Roll20 API was introduced
  • The Roll20 Wiki was unveiled.
  • New features for the Journal including tagging + searching journal entries, drag and drop re-reordering of attributes and abilities, players can edit Handouts, and more.
  • Custom turn order entries
  • Hide the right sidebar
  • Macro and abilities editor made easier to use

Full Changelog

April 8, 2013

  • New Chat features including commands and avatars
  • Auras now appear under tokens
  • Weighting of Rollable Tables now possible

Full Changelog

March 13, 2013

  • Rollable Tables and Dice Tokens now available, allowing customization and "physical" use of dice
  • Z-Order and Rendering Improvements

Full Changelog

January 28, 2013

  • Complete Overhaul of the Roll20 Forums
  • Campaign Forums
  • Private Messaging

Full Changelog

2012 Updates

For a list of updates that occurred prior to 2013, please see the following forum post.

Full Changelog