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Chronos is a role-playing game based on D&D 1st edition, with many borrowings from D&D 5th edition, especially the spell system. It is simplified to allow the occasional player to learn the game quickly and does not require learning hundreds of pages of rules.

To start playing Chronos, you need to request a new character for the game.


To get started in the game, email the following information to Falsoon, the Game Master: Your character info, email address, and Skype login (for audio). See below. 1. Your character traits: • What race do you want? Human, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Half-Elf, Half-Orc, Hobbit. • What class do you want? Fighter, Cleric, Rogue, Wizard. (Multi-classing and specialty classes don't start until Level 4.) • What is the name of your character? Send that also; you can change it later. • If you have an avatar image for your character, send that in a png file to the GM. The GM must upload the image for your token. If you don't have an image for your token, the DM has plenty of default images. You might check that your image has a transparent background (or ask the DM to remove the background if you can't). It looks better on the Roll20 map without the default square white background. 3. Your email address. I generate two characters and send them to you via email. You choose which one you want to play. (All members of the team are good or neutral alignment, evil alignment is not permitted in the PC Party.)

2. The GM will invite you into the game, and Roll20 will send out an invitation link so you can join the game. After you respond to the invitation link, you can “Join Game”.

4. Your Skype login. We use Roll20 for audio, but it is flaky sometimes, and drops us. As a backup, we use Skype for audio. Once you have selected your character from the two that I send, I can add him/her character into the game: go to Roll20 and “Join Game”. You can control your token (avatar) and edit the character. Your character can also buy or sell items from the town’s store (See Journal -> Battle aides -> Inventory List) using your character’s starting gold-in-hand