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Cypher system macros

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Useful Macros for the Cypher System

These macros work with the Cypher Systems by Roll20 character sheet.


Using the Roll Template

The roll template is always linked to a character sheet. If you want to use the template for the output you need to make sure that the user has control over that character-sheet. To use the template without changing the character-link for every player, make a "The Group" character, give all your players control over this character.

Example: &{template:cyphsys} {{sheetstyle=@{The Group|sheet_style}}} {{fontstyle=@{The Group|sheet_font_easy}}} {{charname=@{The Group|character_name}}} {{charid=@{The Group|character_id}}} {{name=Here goes the Header}} {{description=Here goes your text!}}


The normal initiative-roll only prints the result of your roll to the tracker. The normal way initiative work is that your players must succeed against the difficulty of the enemy to see who goes first.

Player Init

We are simulating this by taking the roll, adding all modification (Effort, Training and Assets) times 3, and add this to the t Turn Tracker. This macro for the character Grix brings up a prompt, asks for training, and spent effort and prints value and the effort cost to chat:

/me rolls Initiative &{template:cyphsys} {{sheetstyle=@{Grix|sheet_style}}} {{fontstyle=@{Grix|sheet_font_easy}}} {{charname=@{Grix|character_name}}} {{charid=@{Grix|character_id}}} {{name=Initiative}} {{description=Value:[[1d20+?{Training or Assets?|0|1|2|3|4}[Training]*3+?{Effort|0|1|2|3|4|5|6}[Levels of Effort]*3&{tracker}]] Effort (?{Effort|0|1|2|3|4|5|6}) costs [[(?{Effort|0|1|2|3|4|5|6}*2+1)-@{selected|speed_edge}]] points.}}

Your players may want to remove the training prompt, if they don't have any assets or training.

Enemy Ini

The value the players have to surpass is the difficulty times 3. To add a turn for a token and send the difficulty*3 to the tracker:

/gr [[?{Level}*3]] &{tracker}

Initiative is always linked to a token, so use this macro in your macro bar or as a token action. You could also pull the level from the linked character, this doesn't take eventual modifications into account:

/gr [[@{selected|level}*3]] &{tracker}

Player vs. Player Rolls

Use this for player vs. player rolls:

/me tries to ?{What do you do?|attack} @{target|token_name} &{template:cyphsys} {{sheetstyle=@{The Group|sheet_style}}} {{fontstyle=@{The Group|sheet_font_easy}}} {{charname=@{The Group|character_name}}} {{charid=@{The Group|character_id}}} {{name=?{Who are you?|Player1|Player2|Player3|Player4|Player5} VS. @{target|token_name} }}{{description=***Value to beat=[[1d20+?{Training or Assets|0|1|2|3|4}*3+?{Effort|0|1|2|3|4|5|6}*3]]*** - **Effort spent:[[?{Effort|0|1|2|3|4|5|6}]] levels** - *Training/Assets: [[?{Training or Assets|1|2|3|4}]]*}}

The first line is just flavor text and lets the user click on a token to pull the name of the target! You could expend it with effort-cost calculation, if you remove the target designation and link the roll template to the responding character

Roll Reminder for chat

Useful for text-only games or if you or your players keep forgetting what they need to roll:

/desc @{target|token_name} has to make a ?{What kind of check?|perception} check! This is a ?{Which Stat?|Speed,Speed|Intellect,Intellect|Might,Might} Task against Level [[?{Which Level?}]].

Same for attacks, use in your macrobar or as token action: /emas @{selected|token_name} attacks @{target|token_name}! /desc @{target|token_name} makes a ?{Which Defense?|Speed,Speed|Intellect,Intellect|Might,Might} Defense against Level [[?{Level}]]!

If you have a token linked to The Group character, target the group token for group checks!

NPC Information

If you don't want to open up different character-sheets during combat, you can pull the description from the selected character and whisper the text to you.

/w gm &{template:cyphsys}{{sheetstyle=@{The Group|sheet_style}}} {{fontstyle=@{The Group|sheet_font_easy}}} {{charname=@{The Group|character_name}}} {{charid=@{The Group|character_id}}} {{name=@{target|token_name}}}{{@{target|npccombat}}}

You can also use this for every other attribute of the responding character-sheet like Intrusions, Interaction etc. You cant pull modifications directly, but you could add attributes for this. You would need to add it manually to every character though. Roll20 lets you pull the maximum of a bar or stat, so you could make a attribute combat-mods and set the first value as attacks as and the max-value as defends as.

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