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D&D 5e OGL Roll Templates

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There are 9 roll templates baked into the 5e OGL character sheet by Roll20:

Template Sheet Roll Example Formatting Notes
&{template:desc} None
&{template:simple} PC Ability/Skill Checks
&{template:atkdmg} PC attack when autoroll damage is on
&{template:atk} PC attack when autoroll damage is off Formats command buttons as hyperlink text

"rname"/"rnamec" fields do not show up if there is no inline roll in r1 or r2

&{template:dmg} PC damage roll Description, rname, and charname fields are shown based on toggles
&{template:spell} PC spell not marked as an attack Component label is displayed regardless of output options
&{template:npcaction} Generic NPC action
&{template:npcatk} NPC attack Formats command buttons as hyperlink text
&{template:npcdmg} NPC dmg roll


Common Fields

Many of the fields used by the roll templates are common to all or most of the roll templates. See the example templates below to see which of the following fields a given template uses.

  • mod: what goes in the mod field
  • rname: what goes in the name field on a standard roll. Apparently does not work in custom atk template macros.
  • rnamec: what goes in the name field on a critical roll. Apparently does not work in custom atk template macros.
  • r1: the first roll
  • always/advantage/disadvantage/normal*: formats for always rolling advantage/disadvantage, greying out the lower roll, greying out the higher roll, only rolling once respectively
  • r2: the second roll. Not displayed if the normal toggle is on
  • range: range of the action
  • desc: attack description/text
  • ammo: not an actual roll template field; see the ammunition tracking section of the 5e OGL wiki page.
  • charname: adds the character’s name to the roll
  • attack: toggles formatting for merging with an attack rolled without damage, has no effect in the atkdmg template
  • damage: no apparent effect
  • dmg1flag/dmg2flag: toggles appearance of the indicated damage field
  • dmg1/dmg2: The damage roll
  • dmg1type/dmg2type: The type of the corresponding damage
  • save: Toggles the save DC area to be displayed/hidden.
  • saveattr: What save the target needs to attempt
  • savedesc: What happens on a save
  • savedc: The DC of the save; the text “DC” is displayed regardless of what is entered
  • description: description/text field in spell/NPC templates


OGL Description Template.png
&{template:desc} {{desc=DESCRIPTION}}Template:Clear


OGL Simple Template.png
&{template:simple} {{rname=rname}} {{mod=mod}} {{r1=r1}} {{always=1}} {{r2=r2}} {{charname=charname}}Template:Clear


OG atk template.png
&{template:atk} {{mod=mod}} {{rname=rname}} {{rnamec=rname}} {{r1=r1 [[1d20]]}} {{always=1}} {{r2=r2 [[1d20]]}} {{range=range}} {{desc=desc}} ammo=Fists {{charname=charname}}Template:Clear


OGL dmg template.png
&{template:dmg} {{rname=rname}} {{attack=0}} {{range=range}} {{damage=1}} {{dmg1flag=1}} {{dmg1=dmg1 [[1d20]]}} {{dmg1type=dmg1type }} {{damage=1}} {{dmg2flag=1}} {{dmg2=dmg2 [[1d20]]}} {{dmg2type=dmg2type }} {{save=1}} {{saveattr=saveattr}} {{savedesc=savedesc}} {{savedc=savedc}} {{desc=desc}} {{charname=charname}}Template:Clear


OGL atkdmg template.png
&{template:atkdmg} {{mod=+8}} {{rname=rname}} {{r1=r1}} {{always=1}} {{r2=r2}} {{attack=0}} {{range=range}} {{damage=1}} {{dmg1flag=1}} {{dmg1=dmg1}} {{dmg1type=dmg1type}} {{damage=1}} {{dmg2flag=1}} {{dmg2=dmg2}} {{dmg2type=dmg2type }} {{crit1=$[[6]]}} {{crit2=$[[7]]}} {{save=1}} {{saveattr=saveattr}} {{savedesc=savedesc}} {{savedc=savedc}} {{desc=desc}} ammo=ammo {{charname=charname}}Template:Clear


OGL spell template.png
&{template:spell} {{level=Level }} {{name=name}} {{castingtime=castingtime}} {{range=range}} {{target=target}}{{v=1}} {{s=1}} {{m=1}} {{material=material}} {{duration=duration}} {{description=description}} {{athigherlevels=athigherlevels}} 0 {{concentration=1}} {{charname=charname}}
  • target: populates the target field
  • v/s/m: toggles showing/hiding V, S, M(and the specific material component) after the components label
  • concentration: toggles show/hide of “concentration” in durationTemplate:Clear


OG npcaction template.png
&{template:npcaction} {{name=NAME}} {{rname=RNAME}} {{description=DESCRIPTION}} {{charname=CHARNAME}}Template:Clear


OG npcatk template.png
&{template:npcatk} {{attack=1}} {{damage=1}} {{dmg1flag=1}} {{name=NAME}} {{rname=RNAME}} {{rnamec=RNAMEC}} {{r1=R1 [[1d20]]}} {{always=1}} {{r2=R2 [[1d20]]}} {{description=DESCRIPTION}} {{charname=CHARNAME}}Template:Clear


OGL npcdmg template.png
&{template:npcdmg} {{damage=1}} {{dmg1flag=1}} {{dmg1=DMG1 [[1d20]]}} {{dmg1type=DMG1TYPE}} {{dmg2flag=1}} {{dmg2=DMG2 [[1d20]]}} {{dmg2type=DMG2TYPE}}Template:Clear

General Notes

  • Anything that says it toggles something off/on means that if you put anything after the "=" that feature is turned on, if there is nothing after the "=", then it is off.
  • The macros using atk, simple, npcatk, and atkdmg generated by the sheet utilize @{rtype} in place of {{always/normal/advantage/disadvantage=1}} {{r2=[[1d20. This attribute would allow you to link whether a second d20 is rolled or not to what the settings of your sheet are.
  • The PC roll templates have a hard-coded size and will not scale if the chat pane is resized or (with the exception of the description fields) if a field's contents are larger than the field's space in the template output.