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Degenesis is a postapocalyptic "Primal-Punk" RPG.

It is set around the regions of Europe and North Africa at the end of the 26th century, more than 500 years after a major asteroid event devastated the face of the Earth and the ensuing chaos and conflict reset human civilization, when it was just at the edge of transhumanism. From the ashes of the old world, new cultures emerge and fight for survival.

Character Sheet


There are two character sheets for Degenesis made for Roll20.

  • Degenesis
    • Last updated in Nov 2018
    • More simple than the other sheet
    • Translated to french, can be translated to other languages
    • sourcecode
    • Author: Nicolas M. (Thalar)


  • Degenesis (Advanced)
    • Last updated Jan 2020
    • Tries to emulate the official character sheet without sacrificing usability.
    • Please report any bugs or suggestions on the projects issue tracker. If you don't have a GitHub account you may also send the author a message on Roll20.
    • sourcecode
    • Author: henry4k

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