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Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

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D&D Next is the fifth edition of the popular Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game series, currently produced and published by Wizards of the Coast. This latest iteration of D&D is currently undergoing an ongoing open playtest, which you can participate in by signing up at the D&D Next Playtest Site. With less reliance on a variety of modifiers and conditions in D&D Next, Roll20 can easily accommodate both Theater of the Mind and Tactical Combat gaming styles.

Attributes, Abilities, & Macros


Attributes are a variable that can be added to a journal entry. Each attribute has a name, a current, and an optional maximum value. Any players that you give permission to control or edit the journal will also be able to edit the attributes. Attributes can be used as variables in both Macros and Abilities. In D&D Next, a common set of attributes would be the following:

  • HP

Abilities & Macros

Abilities are journal specific macros and hereafter will be referred to as macros. Macros are a pre-written command or set of commands using any of the same commands you can use in the chat window.

Sample Generic Macros

The following three macros take advantage of a new roll query feature available on both the live and dev servers. The roll query will pop up a window and ask for a description of the attack. This can be left blank. Then it will ask for any additional modifiers to the attack roll. Finally, it will ask for your damage roll. Just enter this in like you would as if you were typing /roll XdY+Z in the chat window. The use of roll queries make these macros most useful for Dungeon Masters™, but any player can find use for them as a starting point for their own macros as described in the next section.

Attack (Disadvantage)
/em ?{Description}
Attack w/Disadvantage
[[{2d20KL1}+?{Modifiers|0}]] to hit
[[?{Damage Roll}]] damage

Attack (Standard)
/em ?{Description}[[1d20+?{Modifiers|0}]] to hit
[[?{Damage Roll}]] damage

Attack (Advantage)
/em ?{Description}
Attack w/Disadvantage
[[{2d20KH1}+?{Modifiers|0}]] to hit
[[?{Damage Roll}]] damage

Creating Character Specific Macros

Under construction...