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Dynamic Lighting Examples

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Edit Token Advanced Pane

Dynamic Lighting is an advanced map lighting tool currently available to Mentor & Subscriber users. It calculates line of sight on the fly as tokens are moved across the tabletop. This sections give system specific examples of how to set up lighting and vision.

Remember that a user will only see light sources if they have control over a token that "Has Sight" enabled. You can activate this setting on any token you have control over by going to the Advanced tab in the Edit Token pane.


System Agnostic Lighting

These are general lighting examples that will work in any system without specific vision rules. They can been tweaked until the best fit the themes and mood of your game.


The lantern is a generic 360 degree light source that could represent anything from a campfire to a street light.


Glow Stick


Super Senses

Night Vision

Dungeons and Dragons

Low Light Vision Dark Vision

Fifth Edition

Fourth Edition

Pathfinder and Third Edition

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

Bullet 3

Bullet 4