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FAQ for Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Role Playing Game API-Compatible Dice Roller.

 Overview: This Dice Roller is adapted from a previous script (Eote-Dice.js) and provides for a display of the dice for the FFG Star Wars RPG system.

This works best with the Star Wars FFG API Compatible Character Sheet (information located @

NOTE: This page deals with (what currently is) a custom script. It is a work in progress and in using it, there might be variable changes that can cause some of your game data to be hidden or (during testing of new features), it can cause it to not work at all. The author recommends you backup your game and test this on a separate game until you test this sheet and are comfortable with its function, and the differences it adds.


Current Version(s)

 Note: This version has been merged to Roll20's GitHub to be part of their available scripts.

Tested / Stable Version

  • Version =

Test Version

 This version is testing new features to add to the Current Version.

Recent Changes:

 Changes from (Current Version)

New Features:


Bug Fixes:


 Note: The credits listed below are for the Character Sheet and the Script, at times functionality overlaps between the two, Additionally, historically it has been used for the display of the credits of both projects.
 Original creator: Konrad J.
 Helped with Dice specs: Alicia G. and Blake the Lake
 Dice graphics hosted by Alicia G. at
 Dice graphics borrowed from the awesome google+ hangouts EotE Dice App
 Basic Character Sheet and Advanced Dice Roller: Steve Day
 GM Sheet Campaign Details design inspiration:
 Sheet Autocreator:
 New Tab Labels: Steve D., GM Knowledge Rhino, and Loki
 Skill Description by: Gribble -
 Critical Descriptions by: Gribble -
 Debugger: Arron
 Basic Roll Templates for basic rolls: Josh A.
 Initiative Roller: Andrew H.
 Opposed Roller: Tom F.

Work done by GM Knowledge Rhino

  • Group Tab
  • Companion Tab
  • GM Resources
  • ReDesign of Vehicle Tab
  • Riding Beast Display
  • Roll Template Code Fixes
  • Roll Templates integrated with all Rolls

API Chat Commands



  • default: 'on' and 'single'
  • Description: Sets the visual output in the chat window for the dice rolls
  • Command: !eed log on|off|multi|single


  • default: 'on' and 'm'
  • Description: Sets chat window dice output as graphic, small, medium, or large if "on" or as text if "off"
  • Command: !eed graphics on|off|s|m|l


  • Description: Output every side of every die to the chat window
  •  !eed test


  • default: 'off'
  • Description: Sets the logging level of the script in the API console. If you are having issues with the script rolling incorrect dice, turn on debug logging and post the result in the forums. No need to restart the script with this command.
  • Command: !eed debug on|off



  • default: null
  • Description: set the skill name of the roll
  • Command: !eed label(Name of Skill)


  • default: false
  • Description: Set NPC/PC initiative true
  • Command: !eed npcinit or pcinit and #b #g #y #blk #p #r #w


  • default:
  • Description: create the ability and proficiency dice for a skill check
  • Command: !eed skill(char_value|skill_value)


  • default:
  • Description: create the difficulty and challenge dice for an opposed skill check
  • Command: !eed opposed(char_value|skill_value)


  • default:
  • Description: Loop thru the dice and adds or subtracts them from the dice object
  • Command: !eed #g #y #b #blk #r #p #w #s #a


  • default:
  • Description: upgrades ability and difficulty dice
  • Command: !eed upgrade(ability|#) or upgrade(difficulty|#)


  • default:
  • Description: downgrades proficiency and challenge dice
  • Command: !eed downgrade(proficiency|#) or downgrade(challenge|#)


  • default:
  • Description: Rolls 1w die and adds the result to the destiny pool
  • Command: !eed #w destiny doRoll



  • default:
  • Description: Generates a blank character sheet and automatically makes it viewable and editable by the person calling the script.
  • Command: !charsheet

Script Information

 The script does a few things for the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars system.
  • Rolls the custom dice with the symbols.
    • The Blue Boost Die
    • The Green Ability Die
    • The Yellow Proficiency Die
    • The White Force Die
    • The Black Setback Die
    • The Purple Difficulty Die
    • The Red Challenge Die
  • It auto-cancels the dice.
    • Success
      • These exist on the Blue/Green/Yellow Dice.
      • Represented by a picture that looks like an explosion
      • Can be cancelled out by a Failure.
    • Failure
      • These exist on the Black/Purple/Red Dice.
      • Represented by a picture that looks like an unside-down triangle.
      • Can be cancelled out by a Success.
    • Advantage
      • These exist on the Blue/Green/Yellow Dice.
      • Represented by a picture that looks like antlers with a dot in the middle.
      • Can be cancelled out by a Threat.
    • Threat
      • These exist on the Black/Purple/Red Dice.
      • Represented by a picture that looks like Tie Fighter windows.
      • Can be cancelled out by an Advantage.
    • Triumph
      • These exist only on the Yellow Dice.
      • Represented by a picture that looks like a circle, surrounding an explosion branching out into 2 perpendicular lines.
        • The picture is similar to the "Star Wars: A New Hope" poster with Luke holding his lightsaber up to the sky.
      • Has 2 symbols associated with it. A Success and the Triumph.
        • The Success can be cancelled out by a Failure.
        • The Triumph cannot be cancelled out.
    • Despair
      • These exist only on the Red Dice.
      • Represented by a picture that looks like a Circle with an upside-down triangle in it.
      • Has 2 symbols associated with it. A Failure and the Despair.
        • The Failure can be cancelled out by a Success.
        • The Despair cannot be cancelled out.
    • Black Force Pips
      • These exist only on the White Dice.
      • Represented by a Black circle.
      • Force Pips cannot be cancelled out.
      • If you are not a Dark Side Force User you can use Dark Side pips to activate Force Powers as long as you spend 1 Destiny Point and take 1 strain for each Dark Side pip you are using.
        • Note: This does not work for all Force Powers, some situations require a certain color Force Pip.
    • White Force Pips
      • These exist only on the White Dice.
      • Represented by a White circle, outlined in Black.
      • Force Pips cannot be cancelled out.
  • In combination with the Character Sheet it was designed for, it Provides the ability to;
    • Roll Critical Injuries / Critical Hits
    • Roll and Track Destiny Points
    • Auto apply encumbrance threshold breaches (If you are over your encumbrance threshold it auto adds setback dice.
    • Auto apply setbacks to negative handling in vehicles.
    • Applies settings that support Roll Templates for Dice Rolls.

See Also