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Isometric Maps in Roll20

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Purchasing Isometric Maps and Tiles

"Browse Marketplace"

Creating Isometric Maps

To make an isometric map in photo editing or illustration software, start with a grid, rotate it by 45 degrees and scale it vertically by 57.7%.

To make an isometric map in 3d modeling software, set your camera rotation to 60 degrees on the local x axis.

Inkscape has Axonometric Grids built-in for making isometric perspective maps.

To make small isometric tiles, you'll need transparent backgrounds on the image, so they don't occlude each other. PNG images can be quite large, so consider converting your image to indexed-mode with 256 colors before you upload it. That will make the PNG file size much smaller and should reduce load times significantly.

Using Isometric Maps in Roll20

Use 3/4 view or side-view tokens. To change facing, select flip-horizontal from the advanced token menu (right click on the token).

Use send to-front or to-back to align tokens on the Z-axis. Note: The GM may have to help the players shuffle tokens around if they can't select their token when it's behind another one.

Isometric Token Artists on the Marketplace

Helpful API Scripts

  • psIsoFacing Roll20 Script to flipH side-view tokens automatically. Also provides a directional flashlight for isometric tokens.
  • LightCrumb Based on "Mark" by the Aaron. For lighting your trail on maps with dynamic lighting.
  • psTileResizer

Where to get Isometric Tokens

Helpful Tutorial Videos

"Plexsoup's Youtube Uploads"