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Looking for Group

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Use the Roll20 Looking for Group (LFG) tool as a player to search for games to join or use it to list your upcoming games if you are a GM in need of a party. You can also use the Player Directory to search for find individual players looking for games, find others to form a party, or list yourself as a player looking for a home.


Search Looking for Group Listings

Roll20 Virtual Tabletop Toolbar

If you are looking to play a game on Roll20, but are in need of a GM to lead you on your adventure, you can search our Looking for Group Listings page for campaigns to join.

Navigate to the LFG page once you’ve logged into Roll20 by clicking the Looking for Group link in your Roll20 Virtual Tabletop Toolbar. All Looking for Group Listings can be viewed at the bottom of the LFG page listed by newest added.

Narrow Your Search

You can also use the Find Games to Join search box to narrow down the listings to suit your needs.


You can search by game, language, keywords, day, frequency, and approximate starting time. The LFG tool displays the game time in your timezone making it easy to see what games fit your schedule. There is even an option to only find games that welcome new players!

Once you have selected your criteria, click the blue Find Games button to view your results below the search box.

Looking for Group Listings & Pages

Sample LFG Listing

When you review your Looking for Group Listings you will find a campaign image, information on the GM, the name & description of the campaign, and meta data that provides you with a snapshot of the game and scheduling details.

Review the listings that match your search criteria and click a campaign name to navigate to its LFG listing page.

The LFG listing page contains more detailed information on the campaign and its schedule, how many players are needed, and has its own Listing Discussion area where you can request to join the game or ask questions.


Create Looking for Group Listings

If you are looking to GM a game on Roll20 but need a party to play your adventure, you can list your campaign on our Looking for Group page. Ensure your campaign is properly set up, (i.e.,Campaign Management) and ready to be shared by reviewing our Roll20 Crash Course.


Navigate to your Virtual Tabletop once you’ve logged into Roll20. Locate the campaign you would like to list and click the View Details link.

Set up your campaign Details page completely before you setup your listing. You must include the type of game - select the Other Games option if you do not see your title listed - and date of the next game in order to post to the Looking for Group Listings. You can also add a campaign icon and add a description of your game.

Note: When using the Other Games option you should still add your game title to your description - this will allow users to search for your campaign via Keyword.

Campaign details should be complete before listing a game.

Other Games

The games dropdown menu exist to help standardize the options available (example: 4E vs. 4th Edition vs. D&D4, etc). No matter how many games are listed, some may not make the cut. Games are added to the list periodically. This ensures obscure listings gain greater visibility when sorted via the Other Games option and helps keep away “empty” search listings for underrepresented titles.

If you feel a game should be listed, encourage your community members to play and post often. The more community attention a title receives the more likely it is to be added to the list.

Activating Listings

Campaign Tools

Once all of the Details for your campaign have been filled in, look to the Campaign Tools area and click the Looking for Players Listing (Create) link.

Explore all of the Campaign Tools tabs to add more detail to your game, communicate with your party, and review old chat communication in the archive.

Follow the link to a Create Looking for Group Listing page to begin setup. Read the page, paying special attention to the end note, and click the Create LFG Listing for *Your Title* Game button when you are ready to create your listing.


Once clicked, you will be taken to your Looking for Players Listing page, now labeled (Active).

Listing Page Setup

Fill in the Total players needed (click Save), Frequency, Primary language, and New players welcome dropdown menus to ensure you find the players that fit your needs. Active listings will automatically be shown to players in the LFG tool search results.

Listing Detail and Scheduling Information

Listing Discussion

Each listing has its own Listing Discussion section where you can post information on the game and instructions on how to apply for potential new players. This a public board that you can use to communicate your needs as a GM and is separate from the private campaign Discussion Forum.


Remove Looking for Group Listings

Campaign Tools

If your game is filled or if you need to remove your listing for other reasons, you can do so at any time. Navigate to your Virtual Tabletop once you've logged into Roll20. Locate the campaign you would like to unlist and click the View Details link.

Look to the Campaign Tools area and click the Looking for Players Listing (Active) link.

Listing Status

On the left side of your Looking for Players Listing page you will see a Listing Status box. Click the Disable Listing button to remove your game from the LFG Listings. You listing status will change to Not Shown and the Enable Listing button should now be visible for you to use if you’d like to place your game back on the Looking for Group Listings.

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